W.I.P: Mini Cooper (2nd try on making a car)

Hey guys, it has been a while since I tryed to do the Nissan 350z. I just started a new project which is a Mini Cooper, as allways, your comments and critics, good or bad they are allways welcome since is the only way to learn and find perfection.

I am using Maya 2009.
Material: Lambert Color Blue.

I can see few errors that i will be working, as far i can see is some dents in the backpart.

Anyways, as allways, C&C are allways welcome.


It's old Mini of course, wertbono ;)

Great start, wire looks very clean and homogeneous as it should. Please post unsmoothed wires next time, it's easier to spot issues (if any :))

Keep it up that way !


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looks good so far, keep it up!

Mk1 mini's have the external door hinges + dont have full wheel arches (just an edging strip) - http://farm1.static.flickr.com/180/435584352_1c641942cb.jpg?v=0

Mk2 mini's are the more conventional style, except for the Mk2 still had external door hinges, which did not carry over onto other models.

the main difference between the MK1 + MK2 is the grill, the split door windows, and the interior...
In the Mk1 the gear stick was offset and mounted further forward into the pasenger foot well (almost), whereas the mk2 the gearstick was more central... there were other differences also.
mk1 - http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1149/1258660973_891a28aea6.jpg?v=0
mk2 - http://www.aronline.co.uk/images/mini_10.jpg

The Mk3 style is the more well known mini, which doesnt have the outer door hinges, or center interior dials, also depending on the age, they went from 10" wheels to 12", which also ment disk brakes on the front rather than drums.

anyway enough of my rambling lol heres a cool site worth looking at:
Austin Rover Online
Thanks everyone.

I am not sure about the model, I don´t know much about this car, I took this blueprint among others to practice how to set up the blueprints andthen I thought this could be a nice car to model. So thats how I started it.

I am attaching the blueprints so you could help me to find out the model in order to get reference pictures.

Here are the unsmoothed images, I am not sure about how the wireframe looks, so as I say Comments and critics (good or bad) are allways welcome.

Thanks again.


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id says its a mk1,
the mirrors on the wing / fender, rear lights, front grill + bumper, and badge.... id say a morris mini cooper mk1

i could be wrong.. but in all honesty it doesnt really matter, finding actual ref for a 100% accurate mini is near to imposible because everyone modifys them.

if you do need any refs google morris mini mk1 and it should help enough,
but if you get stuck on overal shape, I might still have some photos of when I restored my 86 mini, so just ask if you need em :)
Thanks! It would be nice if you could send me those images, my email is chickenjoe2005@yahoo.com.

I love vacations, i have been working in this car all morning without worring for anyone coming to my office or calling me :D

Anyways, here is an update, I don´t know why i have too much problem making the backpart but well, i will put some time to fix everything, this is like a rough version.

As I said, it has a lot of details, I am going to spent some time to fix them all.

Comments and Critics are welcome :uhh:

I don´t know if im going to be able to do anymore updates till the 25th, so if I dont get before the 25th I wanna wish you all MERRY X-MAS!!! be safe and don´t drink and drive at the same time:uhh:


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no prob mate, ill dig em out and send you them either 2moro or after xmas,
my only slight crit is that the front end is a bit too flat (where the lights are, going up to the grill), should be curved, sorta like "bubbles out" then back in to the grill, which then bubbles out again... if that makes any sense lol

but overall, its looking extremly nice man! good work!
Looks like a mk2 without the wide wheelarches..
Refpics of either marks are useful though, as both are quite similar. It all depends on how accurate you want it to be.
Ey guys! I just made a Little update, fixed some bumps in the backpart, added a missing piece to the front fender, light holders, in overall it was more fixing than doing.

The front fender is not 100% accurate, im working on that at the moment.

next update (I hope) will be finished, so you give the final beredict before adding material and rendering.

Thanks for all your help!!

Comments and critics are wellcome!
Well, first your seams need some sharpening, and your grille is too small.
Also the hood is still a bit flat (look in the picture), and the front bumper a bit too square.
Then the whole car needs the final details, and it's ready to be painted :D