VW Scirocco 2.0 TFSI

Hey there everybody!

First of all, I must say that the quality of the models shown around here is absolutely astonishing! There's so many models around here showing insane skills and dedication, it's just crazy...

I've been lurking these forums for many years now, it's always been my primary source for good blueprints. So now, I've decided it's time for me to contribute to the community and post some shots of my latest car project.

It might differ a little from what's usually posted around here - and I'm not quite sure where exactly to put it... I've been working in the games industry for more than 5 years now, and I've concentrated on low- to midpoly modelling most of the time. This model is meant to be put into a game engine and the approach is to model a mid-poly version which is suitable for performant realtime rendering, while also providing a clean and solid base to be subdivided further to get a high definition show room version of the car.

It turned out to be a difficult approach though, since a lot of the details I'd like to cover would actually require a higher geometry resolution than I'm willing to invest... ;)
So, I will not stick to that quest a 100%. Also, since for Mesh Smooth, the model requires quite a lot of geometry to maintain a clean loop flow, which is actually not necessary for the shading of the base model. So what I'll do is: I'll just put in more polies where needed and keep all the extra loops in for now, but once it's completely done, I will split the models and keep one high poly, while stripping down the 'low' poly version again to optimize poly count.

I'm not gonna go ultra on the details though, since it's still meant to be all realtime content. Besides, the timeline of the project unfortunately doesn't allow me to give in to my fetish for details completely... ;)

Well, 'nuff said, here's how it started:



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Welcome to the forums Martin(even though you've been lurking here for awhile :D )
The model is looking super clean so far, any chance of seeing some wires?
keep up the great work


nice start. the model looks really clean and i like the presentation of your work a lot.
But i´m mising the wireframes of course ;) so maybe you could also show some wireframes with your next update.

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the endorsements, I really appreciate! :)

Well greenvampire, I'm actually not aiming at a particular polycount right now. As I said, there's loads of geometry in the model right now only to support mesh smooth. What you see in the shots below is 24.900. polies (48.000 tris) right now. While nearly 17k tris go into the wheels alone (I chamfered the **** outta those edges... :D ). For the wheels on the final ingame model, I will probably go with a much lower geometry and a baked normal map instead. I think if I optimized the geometry now, I'd most likely land way below 30k tris. I'm expecting to meet something between 50k and 60k for the final ingame model with a detailed interior.

So here's some wires, as requested :) They show the non-subdivided model. I spent a lot of time lately to smoothen the mesh surface and get all the transitions clean and tidy.


I've made 2 more clay renderings, just for fun ^^

I'm really itching to go more into details on the suspension, but it'll never be visible anyways and I'm trying to keep both the polycount and the time spent at reasonable levels... So I think, for now I will move on, maybe to come back to it later as a private project...

Oh, and I've just noticed there's also an "advanced realtime WIP" section here on the forums, so I assume this thread is more suitable there... could one of the admins maybe move it? My apologies... :(


Hey everyone! :)

With the exterior almost done, I thought making the seats would make a nice kickoff for the interior to come.

I somewhat got carried away, since the final realtime model will have an optimized low poly interior with baked down diffuse, lighting and normal maps. So I don't really need to worry about a poly budget for now... ^^


nothing fancy there, really. I haven't really thought of a serious lighting setup for beauty renderings yet, it's just an HDR image for illumination. I've fallen in love with iray lately, thanks to the fabulous Mr. Patton... ^^


hi dude !

nice work on the exterior, i'm looking forward to see the game version cuz yet that still look highpoly .

i'll keep my eyes on this thread .
keep up the hard work.
Hey again! Sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy for the last weeks.

Well, I'm now gonna continue the car as a personal project and the focus has shifted. For now, I have dropped the idea of making a realtime version, I'm now primarily aiming for a highpoly version for decent renderings. That's why I have quit the approach to keep the base model at all cost, I've reverted a few steps and then happily collapsed the first iteration of Turbo Smooth. :D

If I ever chose to do a game version of it, I might as well grab the old base mesh and work on top of that. For now, it's hopefully going to save me a lot of time not to worry about too many supporting edge loops anymore... ;)

Well - I've continued on the interior, here is a preview of the steering wheel. It's not yet unwrapped, so for now, it's just plain geometry.

PS: Could one of the mods maybe move the thread over to the 3D stills section again? :D


@rulerz: Thanks! The modeling technique depends pretty much on the requirements of the asset. Usually, I try to keep the base mesh as long as possible. But having a background in the games industry, I guess this is just an old habit... ;) But also, for refining the overall shape afterwards, many times I found it easier to do that on the base geometry and then have it subdivided properly again.

For the steering wheel, I only collapsed the middle part to the 2nd iteration. I needed a lot of geometry to be able to smoothly cut in the symbols for the horns and the "AIRBAG" letters.

Here's a shot of the final steering wheel, combined clay/shaders. 160,000 polies all together. :)