Volvo Amazon 1962

Dan, great modeling as usual!

These Volvos are becoming more and more rare nowadays...

Here's a photo I made of a radically but quite tastefully customized Amazon, perhaps it could give some ideas for your customized version.


Thanks again people!

nb - well i would not venture so far. The split grille is very characteristic and i will keep it, maybe shave door handles and lettering, slap some wide rims, slam it a bit and perhaps a custom 2 tone. But thanks for the pic!

A radically different project (from my usual stuff that is) has kept me away from my old school models, but next week i hope to present updates.
Hello again, back to the Amazon project, here is the 2door 1966 122 S:

Mildly chopped top, shaved emblems and door handles, fender skirts:

And a hardtop version, restyled shorter roof, longer deck, frenched head- and taillights:

LOST, Audipower, maul, FlashG - a big thank you.

Niko and David - the hardtop is part of the commission and i tried to go far while still keeping the Volvo look. I played with the grille mesh and went as far as modeling a Continental kit and a Buick-like sidetrim and front parking lights, which made it look very American, like a small DeSoto:

I might consider splitting the body into a 2tone -- 3tone in fact, leaving the 3rt color to the roof -- but maybe it has gone far enough. What do you guys think?


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Looks even better then the orignal, 3 color would fit the car very vell I think.

Flashg: Guess why Im going to talk to my freind Brendan about this car. ;)
Beatifull as always! is it posible that this car ended as a 1966 Volvo Custom coupe? if that`s correct: Congratulations! it is featured at Seriousweels
Way to go Dan!!!
awesome car, can't believe i somehow missed this thread :(

Palat will you be doing Cuban cars too? dunno how you would properly call them, i'm not an oldtimer fan like some otherp eople here ;)
nice Palat,

now you just need to pimp it out, put some 50inch rims on it, chrome the crap out of it, neons, you know the lot, just to piss flash off :)

keep it up, when i looks down the WIP list i want to see more car that where born before 1970, than the new plastic crap!