Volvo Amazon 1962

Hello all,

Well i was commissioned this car, long wanting to model it but seeing FlashG's Amazon sort of wheted my appetite ever since.
Anyway the car will be custom etc. so here is the stock version beforehand. It is a 4 door albeit no seams have been cut yet. I even thought of doing like in the Chevy 55 and create a 2door as well but for the moment there is a lot of ongoing projects so a 4door Amazon is enough.

Render settings are temporary. Thanks for watching!



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i think i have actually seen one of these here at school. damn man, you work so fast! i gotta start pumping out models like you do!
mpfive said:
*mpfive waits for flashG to throw in his 2 cents just because its a volvo ;)"

btw, great model, very nice and smooth
Not just any Volvo it's my favorite one :p

Something's bothering me on the front bumper like it's pushed too much forward. Rest looks bloody marvellous and great to hear you're doing custom too. :)

I've been thinking of remodeling Amazon aswell sometime, just need to finish my Duster first :)

Here are some pics of Amazon that has been rebuilt, it's finnish site unfortunately. Pics link

You'll find more pics when you press the link at the bottom of the page :)
Looks great!. I though agree with FlashG that there's something wrong with the front bumper. A few years ago I made a photo of this type Volvo highly customized for 50s US -like look, I'll try to find and post it, perhaps you could get some use of it for your project.
Thanks all for the replies and crits!
I got hands full in other projects, so i did not have time to go on this. But i will be back to it next week.
There are several corrections pointed out by the client, and i will take care of them in due course.
This car changed little along its production years, but there are details that differ from model year to model year -- bumpers, wheels and hubcaps amongst them. The red-centered hubcaps belong to an older model, and to be honest i must compare the references i have so i can state that this is really a 62. For now i have just updated the hubcaps and tweaked the bumper.
FlashG - thanks for the link!
SarN - don't be fooled by my workflow. I spend more time tweaking than modeling!



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Well,I am speechless!
That is another car that is worth to be modeled from you Dan.
I always loved that car.In the summer months,a guy near my home is driving a Amazon,a white one.It looks unrestored but that is the coolest thing on it,the patina makes it even more adorable.

As always your work will surely be high quality when finished.
l love volvo

super choise

i wish for a long time modeling volvo
but i haven`t good blueprint
i drive in volvo 245 stationwagon from 70 s

good job
( vive le vin rouge)
long life to red wine
Thanks again guys!

As i said the client has pointed several errors and i am trying hard to correct them. Using blueprints from SMC and a lot of pictures. I will play with the colors, maybe even try the top-body 2tone.

It turned out a 66 2-door and a 61 4-door must be modeled, so i saved the 8-louvered wheels and black-centered small hubcaps to use on the 66 model.

For now let's proceed on the 4-door. I want to get the shape fixed before cutting the seams.