Volvo 740 (1992)


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Im sure there were a lot better cars on that parking lot:grin:
Exactly... like that champagne gold metallic car on the left, in the side view? :grin::grin:

But this car is honestly one volvo I think I'd like to model. After all, it blends in soooo well with traffic cars, doesn't it?


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heh... you'd know instantly what car that was if you were in the IRC channel with us ;)

'tis a Mercury Sable... too bad it wasn't in an optimal place to get blueprints of :( (see signature for more details of car obsession)
A 3gen one? If yes damn, would have merried you^^. I thought it was a taurus but the rear door didnt fit, or atleast the 3rd sidewindow.

If you will ever see a 1992-1996 Roadmaster Sedan, make blueprints for it. I think I would even pay for them^^
I just read this post and I cant believe what I see there:eek::p Nothing is better than a 1991 Caprice with a 5.7l V8. Maybe its not the fastest car, but it has style and for me theres nothing which looks better than the first year of the last gen american Caprice. Too bad importing one costs around 5400$, they are cheap in the US even in a perfect condition and low milelage. Its rediculouse how much they want here for a good Caprice if there is someone who wants to sell it.:(


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Good Grief ! I hope you guys aren' t talking about STYLING , are you :eek: ?
I am sorry to say, but when it comes to styling , there' s not a single American car that comes to mind and Volvo, Opel and others try to mimic that American - erm - Styling, so they' re no good either ...
Also remember some lovely elegant cars like the AC ACE that were butchered into so- called Muscle Cars. Ouch! Bye Bye Styling .
Nah , Italian, French, some British and a few German designs ( BMW 507 to name one ) have always been waaaay ahead of anything American ( or Japanese - unless it was designed by an Italian :grin: )

Therefore, it is very sad to see modern cars - and indeed European cars as well - adopt the ugliness of American pompousness ( what a sentence :) )

Now I know you guys won' t like me for saying this, but - as you guessed - I don' t care at all :grin: