Volkswagen Caddy MK1 DUB-Edition


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I am a mechanical engineer, and my daily work is Solidworks. If you try to find some good car models for this type of software, it's really hard to find some good models. For me is a aspiration to create my models with Solidworks, especially because the most people they using Solidworks not qualified to create these type of models ;-)
Understood! You're a man who likes a challenge :D


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@ oscar: No, there are no way to change the quality for the surfaces. But I would try to find a way to fix it
@ sh00ks: Yes that's the point :D
Very neat work man, smooth and i like the taillights :) I've never fully understood how people drive with their vehicles with wheels leaning like that? is it just looks, or is the ride amazing or something lol they look great by the way.