utility reefer trailer and kenworth t600

well the t600 started out as rockhobbits kenworth his posts are a few pages back if you would like to compare the 2 i tore it down and made it an aerocab(integrated sleeper not bolt on)
here's a picture of the truck

and the reefer trailer has only one credit the front part of the swing arm on the suspension was made by my friend luder paint was given to me by rockhobbit as well

and ingame shot

please don't ask for polygon counts you would probably have a heart attack, i don't play the game much i just use it to render the models lol

wheels are wendi's i am in the process of making myown
Hey evh5150vanhalen,

I was searching the web and found your awesome model. Nice work! Any chance you've built a model of a Utility 4000D-X dray van? I'm a video producer and need a model for a shot in this piece. If you haven't, do you know of anyone who has? Credit and pay (depending on price) are what I can offer.

Get back to me if you're interested.