Update profile for 3D software

Today when I logged in, I was prompted to update some profile info. I did that, but to make a somewhat short story longer, I “accidentally” selected Blender as my primary modeling software. I’ve experimented with Blender, but it is certainly not my primary, in fact, none of the choices in the dropdown box are my primary, so now it seems I am unable to remove that option from my viewable profile. I’d suggest adding a choice in the dropdown box called “other,” or “none of the above,” or something like that to fix it. It’s really no big deal, but if some poor guy should see that I use Blender and decide to ask me a question about it, he’d likely be disappointed.

I like the new look by the way!


Don't rush to try it now, the 2.5 series isn't feature complete from a modeling point of view, IMHO. And there is so many differences between 2.49b and 2.5x that it can lead to serious productivity issues.

But otherwise 2.5 is the definitive good way to go, just need some time. As the modeling capabilities are just a little part of the feature set, they don't get as much attention as I would like.


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zmodeler was one I was missing - and let's not forget Wings3D, Silo, Hexagon, ZBrush, Daz Studio, Carrara, Bryce, Poser, Mudbox, SketchUp, and MilkShape 3D


Yup, let's get some help :) Would be nice to get these logos + BodyPaint 3D, Houdini,Vue, Poser, Realsoft 3D, Strata 3D Pro, Terragen, and a few others,too.
Maybe you can help?


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it was 2.5 I tried. I haven't used previous versions so I really don't can't compare, are you saying 2.49b would be better?
I dont know. I personally dont see anything wrong with 2.59. The old Blender (2.49 etc) UI sucks so much. Other functions I cant really compare. But I like the new UI.

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