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well....nice to see turbosquid doing a good job.......not lol

The support ticket I submitted about the model has been read, but not replied to.... the forum thread that I was using to call-out the theif and prove him for what he is... has been deleted....
and of course... the model has not been removed from his account.....

good ol' turbosquid
bah I wanted to read the quotes lol... yeah go o' Turbosquid. The 3dstudio is a much more respectable website. Fast and efficient about this crap.


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looks like I may have spoke to soon,
all of the Agent326 content has now been removed, along with all forum threads he started :)

must admit I am supprised anything at all was done lol
Greenvampire : I want to thank you for keeping me informed and submitting that ticket. It wasnt your model but you treated this situation like it was your own. However.. I'm sure you feel the same way... I dont think that willl be the end of this hehe. Anyhow

Cheers :)


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no problem IceKid,
I hate people that would steal models.... and I hate people with alter-egos that are up to no good.....
a while back, a friend (well... not a friend anymore) hacked one of my email accounts that I rarely used, and pretended to be me for about a year.... it is only now that I am starting to find the damage he did me... which included stolen models..... hence why I am so active with stuff like this.... Im not only trying to call-out thiefs, but actively trying to do damagecontrol on my old username lol

The only way I found out about him was because he tried to submit work to my teachers, and started to bad mouth my friends lol

anyways, Im glad to help and will keep an eye out, in the meantime, if anybody knows the guys over at GOURANGA! - A Grand Theft Auto News & Resource Site I would greatly appreciate an email address
(just thought I would ask since I just went on about all that lol)


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just a small quick update,
C.D. has now been fully banned.... not aloud to post anymore etc....
however his alter-ego "agent 326" is still posting.... I can imagine this thread will probably get quite fun:
Turbo Squid -- Forum Posts
you only need a standard TS account to access that one too :) ... so anyone that has a TS account (even non selling) feel free to come over and offer your opinion lol
Well at least TS finally, took action and banned him, only took a month. It's a shame there's people like that in the world.....

though i do have to ask if the Master Diamond that last posted not CD back with another account.


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yup, it appears that C.D. is back as "Master Diamond", I have sent a support ticket to TS, it has been read, so Im not sure if he has been banned again or wether he just aint posting.... probably the last one.

"Agent 326" is also CD, and "Razorfin" although I think thats the account that he changed to master diamond.
I can imagine this is goin to take a while to cure.

I sent a support ticket about the overal situation on the influx of thiefs, and this is the response I got:

"Thank you for this information.

There was an issue with our 'ban user' in the forum section for a while.

While I cannot discuss individual accounts with you, please know that we take this seriously and are putting automated systems in place to prevent as much of this as we can, but we also need original owners of material to continue to be vigilent in assiting us against theft.

Turbo Squid Support"


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Hi everyone, heres an update about TS that you will all be pleased about I should imagine.

I contacted them the other week about "what is good enough evidence for us to supply to have stolen content removed"

after a while, I finally recieved this reply:
"If we can get wire frames from the original models to compare with the ones posted on our site, I have been given permission to remove the material. We just need proof that the items are not original to the artist who has them posted and we can take action.

Thanks again!

Turbo Squid Support"
Its about time that TS reviewed its policy on theft, and now that they have, I urge anyone who is still affected by the thiefs on TS to get back intouch, as you may have more joy.

On a side note, TS has been cleaning the forums of all threads started by Agent 326 + Master Diamond (Both C.D.'s alter-egos)
I am uncertain wether they are banned from posting, or if the threads have just been deleted.... only time will tell on that one.
Well thats good to know, and good to report to. I'd like to think it was the discussion in this thread that helped in making them repremend their ways.. but I guess we'll never know that one. Thanks again for the update.

On a side note. I read some more quotes a week ago. And cd/Agent skipped up on keeping his alter ego's in order. Because he said something along the lines of " Please guys, help me get my account unbannd at 3dstudio, please convince Mat that I'm not him" lol well my friend venom was the one who reported the stolen models on 3dstudio.. but the name wasnt Agent, it was C.D. so he really screwed that one up lol.


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to be honest he's screwed up quite alot with his posts lol
Agent also had an account at 3dstudio, but was very quickly removed as his content was a match to that of CD lol


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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have some other information regarding all of this.

The person "C.D." who was the theif on Turbosquid, is listed as an artist on this website:
(He is listed down the left hand side)
I can spot a few models on that site that I think are stolen... just wanted to inform everyone.

This information comes from seeing a user on TS now advertising as an artist looking for work, the user is "Tanksonts", he links to this gallery as his portfolio

I think your right.. however he seems to have grown some brains since his expulsion from Turbosquid and 3dmax site (sorry forgot there name) Anyhow he only shows the Vector and not the other 4 cars.. though as we know CD/his other alterego's had a strange affinity for Vectors. I'm sure the Gallardo and M3 are from NFS:MW.


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heres another small update,
here is C.D.'s personal "company" site, which im pretty sure still hosts the stolen models:

Welcome To Renegade Dynamics - Home

In other news, the TS users "Tanksonts" and "carbon clashes" were removed due to stolen content.. and basically being the same person lol

sooo... other than threats via email from C.D. and his now alter ego "Zain" (tanksonts), everything is pretty cool! lol

here is CD on:
3D02: 3d02.com : The online 3d model library


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