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TS have now removed a couple of threads, which had the most conversations challenging the TS policys... they've left the others...
just seems they would rather we slagged eachother off, rather than them lol :)
you know why, afterall in those threads was clear that there WAS sold stolen models, and TS always keep all income for thierself.
since last 7 years, I was asking them many times to refound me the stolen models income, and never get no reply for those emails..

and as far as I know keeping frauded money is a crime in any country especialy in US, so I wait for the justice, hope I wont need to wait next 7 years.
oh and Endo, hes also claiming that the Lambo on your acount is his...
I read that today, i assumed he'd be a good little theif, skulk off and try and upload them with another user account, but to turn around an accuse me of being a theif... the gaul of that is beyond comprehension, as to whether im angry, i can't even be angry because it's the most ridiculous claim i've ever heard.

Of course, i had to check to make sure that TS hadnt done something dumbass and tried to removed MY models... not that i dont have WIP threads both on NFScars, CGTalk and here... because that would have taken the cake and caused me too flip my wig.

It's sad, this guy hides behind TS and posts in the members only forum and tries to get people to get on his side...... i contemplated posting earlier today when i read that thread, but what would really be the use.

I dunno, im pretty pissed...

but at least at the end of the day, everyone knows what everyone has done, and i got alot of respect for you guys in the community that help protect the stuff we create. Because thats really the only protection that we as artist have against people stealing out work, all that copyright protection stuff becomes a moot point with digital format since its so easy to steal.

kudos to Icekid for making it news, since i know at the end of the day there's plenty of "industry" people that'll take action when they see someone ripping their work.

I dunno if this is a suggestion that'd help, but would the admins here be able to create some mesh library, were we can supply (front/back/top/side) wireframes of the cars we create, that can be used as a dated reference for any future incidents.
hmm that actually is an interesting idea Endo.. an catalog of car wires... this could be a double edged sword as well... Not only would the images provide proof of ownership to the owner but it would also provide prints to the lazy ones,wanting to model rare cars that others have modeled. Of course it would be up to the members and modeling society to embrace it but I dont know. Could be interesting see what others think.
this could be a double edged sword as well... it would also provide prints to the lazy ones,wanting to model rare cars that others have modeled.
This is something that occured to me too... i originally was going to suggest a mesh library that could only be accessed by a number of "mesh police" or something, however you'd need something publicly accessible if you were to setttle a dispute one a forum or at another site.

The alternative, is say have publicly accesible 3/4 views of the front and back of the mesh, with either the actual mesh or more detailed wireframes stored privatetly so that direct comparisions could be made. For the most part the meshes being stolen are released freely, so im sure it wouldnt be too bad to give the mesh to a trusted group that would simply store it for future reference if the mesh ownership needs to be prooven.


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Attention to those who had models stolen,

The theif "C.D." who stole the cars from the NFS comunity etc has uploaded them at :

The3dStudio.com - 3d models (3ds max obj lwo c4d ma dxf dwg) and textures by C.D.

I urge all who contacted Turbosquid, to do the same at the 3dstudio.

I am still arguing with this idiot on TS, he truely believes he is a good person!
if you have a seller acount on TS, you can view the entertaining arguments here:
Turbo Squid -- Available Forums ( I am GVGraphics)

again, I urge all people affected by this idiot to contact the 3dstudio.
Hope I could be of some help

also, there is another potential thief on TS, if you spot anything of yours, then contact Turbosquid:
3D Search
lol this guy is a ball of joy. I knew about him being at 3dstudio.com The Vector M12 is a close friend of mine and he was going to send the proof in that they asked for that the car was his. HOWEVER, I didnt realize he had uploaded more though, was a shock to see more cars from the same people again. Though I guess I knew it was coming .


its a shame people have to stoop that low.....i dont get why people do that, if i ever did that i would have such a guilt laying over my head i wouldnt be able to do it


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well, it looks like a strong possibility that "C.D." has another TS account :
3D Search

Basically, this guy "agent326" is claiming to be C.D.'s cousin / roommate, yet they seem to have lengthly unbeleivable chats with eachother on the TS forums ( Turbo Squid -- Available Forums seller acount required to view)

so, just keep an eye out on that dudes account, as I have a feeling that the models will be poping up again... there is already a lambo on there, you guys might want to check it out.
Thanks for the heads up on this information. I have no doubts either myself. I dont reocognize the work but like you said dont be surprised to see more cars.
I have friends that are also sellers so they can view that forum and I read an interesting quote

After a long talk with Agent 326. We have both entered an agreement. Since I can not make all the models by my self... Agent 326 (my cousin) is willing to help me out. From now on, me and Agent 326 are going to team up and create our own models, they will be posted under his name. I will say this:

I'm sorry for the things I started on Turbo Squid, especially the models I took. It's about time I stoped being stupid and got serious with this. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, then friends we will be, if not, we'll still be friends.

Crimson Diamond Designs - New Chance In Life -

Thank you Agent 326 for your understanding. I won't let you down, or anyone else.
And my personal favorite


And if any of you find just ONE model that is not CD's... REPORT IT! Sorry CD, but I'm not going to get banned by your stupidity.
Once a liar always a liar.. or you can replace Thief with Liar, either or

Want to see the evolution of this car?

NFSCars | Need For Speed: High Stakes Lotus Esprit V8 (1997)

As you can see you can download the car from above. I made a quick image that I attached. The original car which was modeled back before 2004 is in the top left hand corner. THe car uploaded to Turbosquid is on the right. and the car on the bottom is me doing a quick recreation of the car on Turbosquid with the car from NFSCars (ie link above). If I had gone though by hand instead of using a tool, it would be cleaner, however I used a tool to remove my edges to make quads. ANyhow from the little I did its plain and easy enough from the shape AND from the structure that it is the same car only tesselated.


Yeah sure, however sadly that image (the last car by me is still sloppy) but I'm sure that if Turbosquid lined up the cars (original game model) over each other they would see that it should fit exactly since its only been tesselated.
Well I wish I coudl see what you were saying but no seller account, I just have some friends who do, who quoted from it in another thread at another site.