Toyota Supra

This is going to be a supra lookalike.
Started making it about a year ago, finished with complete interior by christmas last year.



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I'm not sure, but I know you can use Z-modeler for Need For Speed mods. This car in going in my street racing simulation game.
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An update of this model; I have worked really hard to "manually subdivide" the whole model (Sketcup doesn't have any subdivision feature) and I scrapped the interior and started from scratch again.

Toyota Supra.jpg

Toyota Supra8.jpg

Toyota Supra10.jpg

Toyota Supra12.jpg

Toyota Supra13.jpg

Toyota Supra3.jpg

Toyota Supra4.jpg

Toyota Supra2.jpg

Toyota Supra7.jpg

Toyota Supra14.jpg

Toyota Supra6.jpg

Toyota Supra15.jpg

Toyota Supra11.jpg
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I also started the Bomex front bumper over again. This is what I have so far but it doesn't look quite right, so I need some help. I know the surface where the side intak is suppsed to be on the side is wrong, but I don't know how its supposed to be and the lip is hard to figure out too.
Toyota SupraBomexFront.jpg
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Thanks, guys. And yeah it's a little time consuming, but it's not difficult and it's pretty straight forward. Making the interior was actually a lot worse :)
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