Toyota Supra

Sergie, very nice model.
The only question (not critique :wink: ).
Are you planning on having door windows, because it looks as though the front seats stick out of the window opening. Maybe it's just the perspective....?

As I said before, very nice.

Don't post that crud in a Supra WIP topic...kthx. ;)

If I may ask, oh-so-humbley, but Blessed...just isn't a straight-guy. He hangs out with a bunch of thieves, and I really don't trust 'em. :(

Anywho, with the CC...the mesh looks perfect, except, like mentioned above, the rear bumper should be a little more curved from the rear-end. Example:

Your Bumper: |

Should be: |_
Otherwise looks perfect...of course from the headlights, but...PM me about that. ;)