Toyota Supra MKIV


Nice work, lovely engine bay.

Some minor critics :
- Fix the rear end of the engine bay. The plastic part should be smoothed.
- Try to enhance reflections on the headlights housing.
- Use less shiny shader for brake discs. They're not made of chrome ;)
- Make sure you don't have 16bits use of your background, or change picture format (or maybe change background) there is weird reflected color bands on the front of the fender.
Great looking model ! I think you could tone down the reflections a bit in the last render because it looks a bit too shiny for a car paint. Other than that I think it's perfect.


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:O Those are 3D models ? u want me to feel bad ? I mean sish :S I need, no no w8 I demand to see a wire of this crazy peace of junk... so that you prove it's a 3D model ! ;) :D Really Great work ! ( hope you don't mind a bit of sarcastic talk ;) )

Cheers ! Keep it up, wish to see more :)