Toyota Corolla DX 1980



I need to ask something. When i open it up, it is not smoothed, but it looks very smooth. The bumper for instance is VERY curved on the edges but looks to be only 2 polies long therefore its... Very confusing, you are a very talented Modeler. Can you just explain that first thing though :)
Thanks, Brent


if its ok i'm using it..just imported in zmod, redone all normals(didnt like em) n if its ok im gonna try n put it in wr2..first wr2 car, only done wr1 cars.. (flashg, maybe u know me, {KS}-D3V!L from theborg..)
Hi, Im "Santiago" from argentina, and im 13 years old...
I took it, and im converting it to SLRR... Il give u credits Johnas.. BTW, very much thx to you for modelling it.. even if its Low Poly, I love it...
This is what it looks like atm..
Old Ingame pic:

"Just Taken" 3dsmax pics:

and the "aftermarket and swap" parts I did: (Gred from gta sa did the wing)

Sorry for bumping
When I finish with it, I may give the model to peoples who really wants it to convert it to other games like racer, rfactor, etc..
Its already converted for gta sa by gred, but it wasnt released cuz we all know about what happens when u release anything for gta xDD