Toyota Celica GT4

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Hope to get a little more done on this than the last contest.:( Was an embarrassing effort due to work and holidays.

I've become a Pom for this contest because of the availability and price of these things in the UK.

Should be a fun contest. Good luck guys.



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Great job. Love the polyflow!
(Made me to download Blender again and I really like the new GUI. I might start learning it again since Max bugs on me...)
Thanks Guys,

TomiL. I'll be interested to see what you think of blender. Especially with a max background.

Bit more work done. And ive made my first purchase. Some 18in wheels and tyres. I was a bit of a tight arse on the tyres.:) Lets me get some other stuff.

I think I can afford good suspension but if not im just going to gas axe the original springs to get it riding something like this.


Trying to iron more of those bumps. A bit more done on the rear spoiler and mirrors.

Im thinking of painting it matt black with hand painted monster racing graphics. Should be pretty cheap but im not convinced on the idea yet.


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