Topless: Mini Cooper S cabrio

hey davecox, it actually kind of has them, but I guess I should make them quite a bit deeper and nicer...
As it's not wet sand the tracks are simple... I dont know, like furrows?
Not really sure if a Mini or any other normal car could do that in real life though, I mean, go through that kind of soil :D

I'll post some new renders soon...
ok guys... I think I'm done with this project. Here are my last renders, I swear I won't make any more renders on this (crossingfingers) :D

Anyway, I'll have to choose 2 of these so maybe you wanna help...

Here they are

btw, still wondering about the final resolution :)


thanks guys :)

I just noticed I have a small huge mistake in my first render :D

I was thinking about re-rendering that image but I think I'll correct the final scene...
haha yeah, that'd be nice, AMV :D
I finally chose my entries, thanks for your all your comments, nice critiques and recommendations, guys...

Anyway, here's one last render. It's just the studio render quite a bit improved. Still got a lot to learn on lighting but I think it didn't turn out that bad...


I know this thread is kinda old, and I'm probably going to get yelled at :uhh: But I was just curious, durban. Did you use sRGB color correction (gamma settings) on these final renders?

Excellent modeling. You said your not really a car guy, what do perfer? We saw that you are an extremly good modeler. Are you a professional?

Cheers! :)
Hey 500! thanks a lot for your kind words :)
I've yet a lot to learn about rendering, so currently my renderings come out quite 'raw', I mean, I don't tweak the parameters much... But one thing I like to do is setting the 'framebuffer - data type' option in the render settings at 3x32 bit, so that I get a 32 bit image. Then you can use the exposure option in PS, playing with its options (exposure, offset and gamma correction), and this (I think) gives you quite much more control... I don't know if this answers your question :p
Unfortunately I'm not a professional, but I'd love to work in the CG field one day... I'm currently working as a vet so... anyway :)
I'm not sure about what I prefer modeling... I only made two cars by now and I'm very comfortable making those, but I'd also love to go deeper in character modeling and animation, architectural stuff and many other things...
hy there,

I have a project for the uni related to the mini cooper cabrio but i can't find anywere proper blueprints or 3d model. from what I have seen on the web yours is one of the best. do you mind sharing it with me?i will of course give you all the credits for it .please contact me