Topictitle changes, and yet it doesn't.

I want to make a minor modification to the title of my project topic (click signature), yet when I edit it, it only displays the new title in the first post. It keeps the title you should see in the topicslist the same.

So is the real topictitle unchangable or am I doing something wrong?
Do you have thread tools active on above the first post? You can edit the title from there. You should be able to edit title of your own topic
I can click thread tools above the first post, but it only shows me to add a poll, email the page, show a printable version, or unsubscribe.
Exactly, that's when it only changes the line of text in the topbar of my first post of that topic, but the topictitle you should see in the topicslist stays the same.
If you would like to, yes please. I would prefer to have this as title:

2012 Mercedes Vision CRK ('C198')

I'll keep it in mind when I start new projecttopics again.