Top Gear Challenge - The Poll

Vote for the best entry

  • masab007

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • nasG

    Votes: 27 50.0%
  • RedStar

    Votes: 8 14.8%
  • Vlad3D

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • chris20

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • naMReg

    Votes: 3 5.6%
  • Rsenal

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • tinpau

    Votes: 5 9.3%
  • Lackes

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Klobsters

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • schaefft

    Votes: 4 7.4%

  • Total voters
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Poll will close friday 14th of October (12PM +1GMT), remember do not vote your own entry. Here are the final entries:

masab007 - Mercedes W123 "Leman"

129364d1317413822-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-mercedes-final-12222.jpg 129365d1317413822-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-1.jpg 129366d1317413822-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-2.jpg 129367d1317413822-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-3.jpg 129370d1317413822-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-6.jpg

nasG - 1991 Honda CRX

129467d1317661936-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-fin-green_00000.jpg 129394d1317422851-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-int3.png 129393d1317422851-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-stig-01.jpg 129468d1317661936-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-fin-green_00001.jpg 129395d1317422851-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-int-fin-1.jpg

RedStar - Honda Civic SI

129437d1317524541-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-topgear4.jpg 129402d1317435240-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-civic5.jpg 129403d1317435240-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-civicfinal.jpg 129404d1317435240-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-screen2.jpg 129405d1317435240-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-wire.jpg

Vlad3D - Honda Prelude

129409d1317445335-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-preliude5.jpg 129408d1317445335-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-preliude4.jpg 129407d1317445335-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-prelude-studio-2.jpg 129406d1317445335-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-preliude7.jpg 129410d1317445864-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-wire1.jpg

chris20 - Toyota Celica

129480d1317695040-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-cel_nurb_front.jpg 129481d1317695040-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-cel_nurb_rear.jpg 129483d1317695040-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-wire_grab2.jpg 129482d1317695040-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-wire_grab.jpg

naMReg - Renault 5 GTL-R

tgc_smcc_renault_5_GTL_byNamreg_054G.jpg tgc_smcc_renault_5_GTL_byNamreg_055G.jpg tgc_smcc_renault_5_GTL_byNamreg_056G.jpg tgc_smcc_renault_5_GTL_byNamreg_058G.jpg tgc_smcc_renault_5_GTL_byNamreg_060.jpg

Rsenal - Volkswagen Passat B3 VR6 Syncro

129517d1317761525-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-r_b3_003_p.jpg 129518d1317761525-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-r_b3_004_p.jpg 129519d1317761525-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-w_b3_001.jpg 129520d1317761525-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-clay_1.jpg 129521d1317761525-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-clay_3.jpg

tinpau - VW Type III

129581d1317856348-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-73-vw-type-iii-carto.jpg 129582d1317856348-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-73-vw-type-iii-carto.jpg 129583d1317856348-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-73-vw-type-iii-carto.jpg 129584d1317856348-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-73-vw-type-iii-carto.jpg 129585d1317856348-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-73-vw-type-iii-carto.jpg

Lackes - Suzuki Swift

129630d1317997265-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-screen1.jpg 129631d1317997265-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-screen3.jpg 129632d1317997265-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-screen4.jpg 129633d1317997265-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-screen5.jpg 129634d1317997265-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-wire1.jpg

Klobsters - Audi 80

klob4.jpg klob3.jpg klob2.jpg klob1.jpg

schaefft - BMW 5 Series

129668d1318082223-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-render_hangar_double.jpg 129669d1318082223-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-render_hangar_front_.jpg 129670d1318082223-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-render_hangar_rear_0.jpg 129671d1318082223-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-render_wheel_01.jpg 129673d1318082223-top-gear-challenge-post-your-final-pictures-low-high-poly-clay_01_w.jpg
nasG's interior render is awesome, but my vote went to the other Honda, RedStar's.

Congratulations to everybody who got to the finish line, you managed to make some great models :checkerboard:


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Voted in NasG. Superb work in such a short time. Redstar's work is also really good, too bad there's no interior renders. Also like naMReg's renault, a shame he didn't have a good enough computer to render it out.
Great works! but which is the best? I hesitated between crx and civic, but finally my vote goes to nasG. Congratulations for everyone who finished.


i´d say it´s a tie between NasG and Redstar. but my vote goes to Redstar because of his very very clean mesh.

other entries i really liked are the ones of: Namreg, Klobsters and Schaefft



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Indeed, it was a great contest!!!

First of all, congratulations to all contestants, It's been a hard way trying to put together all the updates and stuff. So it's been quite an effort to finally submit the models and I see high quality in all submissions. Congrats all!!!

I'd like to thank Nashwan, NasG, RedStar for all the knowledge they have transmitted to us, I learned new ways of modeling and trying to keep things simple (althought I ended up with 3 million polies :p), and many, many thanks to exidge as well, he just opened new doors for me into rendering with Mental Ray..... :thumbsup: Awesome stuff, just awesome :D

About voting, well, I won't say who I voted :p, Good luck to all :D

Cheers!!! and I hope we'll meet in a future contest!!!!

Ohh... almost forgot, thanks to all who have supported me and encouraged me through all the contest.
It's great to play with you guys, even if we are compiting to win, all of you have time to help others accomplish their goals without any selfish thoughts, just the will to help and share your knowledge.

Once more I must say that I'm proud to be part of this community (not looking for votes here :p believe me :D)

Cheers again!!! Let's get some beers :thumbsup: Not you Klobsters :p
Good luck to all of you who participated, but I honestly thought it was a Contest about how much effort you can put on making a car race ready and buy all the parts, and upgrades, and put valuable information about them, if it was only about modelling, I'm sure all the contestants would of put a little more effort on it, some of you guys forgot the most important part of this contest, modeling a car for a race, that lasts for 8hours, eh Nitros wont help at all, becus ud probably empty ur tank in about 3-5laps and theyd be an xtra 30-50kg of weight added to your car, and the FWD cars will lose all the tire threads in no time due to tons of under steer and u guys have put no Long range fuel tanks, High beam lights, splitters, spoilers, alot more, but as this was a TOP GEAR challenge, i was expecting alot more. specifically i was expecting lots of creativity, and crappy paint job xP. well either way, i prefer Vlad3D, masab007, naMReg, Rsenal 's cars, they look like they r gona be in a race. but anyway, cant wait for the results.
Ref: Chief Engineer/Designer . Hawk Motor Company.


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I voted for Redstar, as I followed the thread more and was impressed with the smooth mesh and final outcome.

I do however wish that more had made it to the end, there are some great entries here, but I think we have some lost gems in the wip threads.

My personal opinion - I would have liked to see more DIY style mods, paintjobs etc... the general feel of real topgear challenges is "ambitious but rubbish", missing body panels or rusty bodys with spraytin paintjobs would have won it for me all day...
Thats not to discredit the work done, because its all amazing, with great renders etc (especially the fatstig!)


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I voted for NasG, That image with stig on the runway was the most topgear entry. Well done sir!

I agree with Green Vampire that more rough and ready entries would have felt more 'top gear' but I think that the fault perhaps lies with the Nurnburg challenge aspect, which as Raheel points out, and as many of us did, requires money spent under the hood on engine brakes etc, none of which helps you with your final exterior render, which at the end of the day is what you are ultimately judged on.

This is perhaps a bad example, but had the challenge be something like "You have 5000 Euros to build convert a car of your choice to a batmobile, sheet steel and 50cal machine guns included" we'd have maybe captured the spirit of the show a bit more.

For my own part, I ran out of time, but also, I kind of lost interest when I realised that I was just copying a Bozosoku 240z which I found online and had bugger all to do with Top Gear. (unless it was a Bozosoku challenge which we should fully do next :) )

Anyway, it was great being part of the contest, seeing what every one did, and all the thought and effort that went into sourcing cars and parts. You all did great work


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I tried to make it as Top Gear as I could, that's why i got a tiny car, so I could upgrade it internally and externally, maybe you can take a look at my test renders, I was making the interior very dirty as it is a very old car and almost naked, with no dashboard at all and only keeping the door panels.

And the exterior has different colors as the different pieces it has, note the front and back bumper, the fender flares metal sheets and the back spoiler.... the sport seat materials are completely WIP..... And there are only few things that are new and look shiny, the wheels, the steering wheel, etc.... even the gear looks kind of ancient..... too bad I couldn't show it in all of its splendor :( Sorry about that.

I still think it was a great contest, it was a great challenge for me to create pieces without any blueprints, just taking proportions and seeing that it looked right.

Really looking forward to the next one, new PC on the way so I'll be a better challenge..... sad to see how voting is going, tiny R5-R looks sad in grey :(


I voted Nasg. Just love the presentation of everything and model is brilliant, Great job man!

Same thing goes to everybody else. Good job people!


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I voted Nasg. Just love the presentation of everything and model is brilliant, Great job man!

Same thing goes to everybody else. Good job people!
I voted for you Redstar because I felt your first image felt more like it would be on top gear, that is just my opinion though. I thought everyone did a great job though!
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