Ight guys heres some tires for everyone to use. All the models are made by me and the sidewalls textures are by lookdown11, younglion, & sotman. Yall can use them as u please just promise to give credit to me and these guys.


P.S. In the zip file it will include the .max, .3ds, and the textures. Also I only have 2 right now but i am planning on having more to come. Also if anyone wants a different file type just ask and i can put it up.


yea i am using 9, and yea i have no clue why it works on some but the others no, but o well just use the .3ds like catlin said. Also guys thanks for the comments. I have been real busy with work school and job so i havent been able to make anymore, but i am hoping this weeked (if i am not working on my car) i can make some more for yall.


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I can't even get the .3ds file to work on Max 8. Is there something different about Max9 output?

I get the following 2 errors.
1) Texture vert index out of range
2) Improper file format

I'd really like to be able to use (at least look at) the toyo tire if there's anyway you can fix this to work with max8. Thanks!