Tire treads and sidewalls

technically you dont even have to make it round like that, i just keep my maps a straight texture and just unwrap it so it stays flat..
but .. if you dont, i think my tutorial may help some; or you can do it in photoshop if you have it and do use polar coordinates to make it round
Copy Paste job. Too lazy sry.

Hi guys.

Thought ill post my first ever try on a sidewall, Potenza Re-01R. Not very happy bout it. Dont think its 100%. Gotta work on some spacing and hight adjustments. But the main work is done. I've made it in Illustrator and wanted maximum quality, u just cant get from pixel based software. I found the needed logos on Bridgestone website under Press Media. Needed to make some small things like RE-01R etc... But the main job was to make the logos into a font. Yep thats right. To get the perfect rounding of the letters just like the real world sidewall. The letters themselves aren't bended but they do follow the circle on the sidewall perfectly. So i made them into a Truetype font using FontCreator5.5. Based it on the Arial ofcourse.
Had to figure out some things but it was darn simple. Then just used that font, to type the text along a circle path in illustrator.
Well hope u like it.