Tire treads and sidewalls

This was taken from the reference pics of the Infiniti G35 drift car that Zachary posted, and modified, so it tiles perfectly.

BTW what happened to the thread that was full of tire treads and sidewalls from a bunch of different people?


Re: Tire tread

SSJ3_Vegeta said:
BTW what happened to the thread that was full of tire treads and sidewalls from a bunch of different people?
I don't know actually. Looks like it has disappeared :p

Well I still got those textures so I could post them here again


Re: Tire tread

Nice...I guess this'll be the new tire thread thread.

BTW yes it's small but the tire was small in the picture I used. I could make it bigger in Photoshop but I don't know how good it would look.
I know it's weird, it doesn't look like a tire. I just figured that could help you since it's the actual pattern. I might modify it in Photoshop so it looks real.

[EDIT] - Alright I did two things. First attachment is a blank template that I made from one of the treads that FlashG posted, so if someone wants to make their own tread they can. Second one is the Advan A048 that actually looks like a tire, made from the template. Both should tile vertically just fine.


I thought I may as well post these as they might be useful to somebody. I've already posted them at RSC.net, so if I'm just wasting space here, let me know and I'll take them down. They have been created for Racer (www.racer.nl), but you're free to use them for whatever you want. Just don't use them to make money. Please.


Well, if there's no complaining, I may as well post some more, right? :grin:


Glad you guys like 'em! :grin: I have a few tips, I suppose. Let's see if I can give them in point form.

1. Start with as good a reference photo as possible. Tirerack.com has a great selection of tires with dead-on shots of most at 250x250 pixels. This is what I use for most of mine.
2. Take a good look at the tread pattern. Try to find the limits of the pattern. Many patterns are quite small, and can be tiled to get the desired tread effect.
3. Work in grayscale. I use this on all my treads and it simplifies getting the pattern to tile correctly. Also, lowering brightness/contrast is useful in limiting the change in lighting across the tread.
4. Make sure your pattern tiles properly! I may have posted one tread that doesn't tile properly, I'm not sure. Now, I always make it a point to test the texture before I 'finish' it.
5. Use gradients on a separate layer to make lighting even more uniform. Use the layer's transparency to get the desired effect.

Hmm... Those are all useful, but now it seems a bit disjointed. :( If there's enough interest (like one person or so...), I could do up a tutorial of how I do a tread from start to finish. Let me know if this would be useful. In the mean time, how about some more treads? :grin: