The Psychedelic 60s Contest

Whoever said SMC wasn't into spreading peace, love & sunshine bunny hugs obviously never considered entering this contest... so wind back the clock people, 'cos it's the 60s, and we want to see your creative prowess of cars from this famously funk-a-delic era.


So here it is, pick a ride from the 1960s era ('60 to '69) and model, texture and render it up to show the community that you are truly the King (or Queen) of the 1960s automotive scene.


Contest Specifics:

- The modeling, texturing and rendering of one 1960s vehicle.

- Your ride can be any wheeled vehicle from the 60s; car, truck, motorbike, ect.

- It can be low, mid or high-poly, however technical execution will be taken on-board when it comes to judging.

- Model is to be shown in the Pyschedelic 60s section, with the heading "60s Contest: *car make/model*", and kept up-to-date as much as possible.

- Final renders must include a Front and Rear shot. Other renders are welcome, however aren't compulsory.

- No teaming up. This must be solely your own project.

- Models must be built from scratch for this Contest. No using old works.


Day Of Peace:

The Day Of Peace, the time by which you must have your creations finished and ready for judgement, is the 8th of June, 10am GMT. That's right, 2 months as of the opening of this thread.

As for the prizes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries will be awarded an Official SMC Medal, personally designed by our very own and very talented, Niray.


Lamborghini President
So I'm in with Lamborghini Miura from 1966.

But there is one problem.. Can I start modelling from next weak (18~19) ? 'Cos for now I have too many work in school. Hope that isn't a problem. ;)
If people are looking for cars from that time heres a nice little list

AC Cobra 427
Alfa Romeo GT
Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato
Aston Martin DB6
Austin A40 Mk2
Austin A40 Farina Mk2
Austin A40 Farina Mk2
Austin A60 Cambridge
Austin A60 Cambridge
Austin Cambridge
Austin Healey 3000
Austin Healey Sprite WSM
Austin Mini Mk1
Barlow Oshkosh
Barlow Oshkosh
Batmobile :p
Bedford CA pickup
BMC Motorhome
BMC WF Old airfield petrol tanker
BMW 2002ti
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Daimler V8 250
Ferrari 330 LM/B
FIAT Multipla
Foden Lorry
Ford Anglia
Ford Anglia Estate
Ford Consul Classic
Ford Corsair
Ford Corsair Police car
Ford Cortina Mk1
Ford Cortina Mk1 GT
Ford Cortina Mk2 Convertible
Ford Cortina Savage Mk2
Ford GT70
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2
Ford Thames 400E
Ford Thames 400E x2
Ford Thunderbird
Ford Transit Mk1
Ginetta G??
Gordon Keeble
Hillman Minx
Humber Sceptre
Humber Super Snipe estate
Jaguar 420G
Jaguar 420
Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar E-Type 2+2
Jaguar E-Type Racing car
Jaguar Mk2
Jensen 541
Jensen FF
Lagonda Rapide
Lamborghini Miura
Lancia Fulvia
Lotus Elan Sprint
Lotus Elan
Lotus Elite
Marcos Mantula
Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet
MG 1100
MG Magnette Farina
MG Midget Mk2
Mini Cooper S
Morris 1000 Pickup
Morris 1000 Tourer
Morris 1000 Traveller
Morris 1000 Van
Morris Minor 1000
Morris 1100
Porsche 911S
Portafold folding caravan
Reliant Sabre
Reliant Scimitar
Renault Alpine A110
Renault 4 van
Rover P4 100
Rover P5
Rover P6 2000 TC
SAAB 95 Two stroke
SAAB 96 Bullnose
Sunbeam Rapier Fastback
Triumph GT6 Mk1
Triumph Herald 12/50
Triumph Herald 13/60 convertible
Triumph Spitfire Mk2
Triumph Spitfire Mk3
Triumph TR4
Triumph TR6
TVR Griffith
Vauxhall Cresta
Volvo 122S
VW Beetle
VW Camper

Im going to say im in with a triumph TR4
Thanks for the list Catlin :) And about the tuning... I'd say no since it doesn't fit the spirit of this contest.


Of course! Just make sure your car is finished for the Day of Peace ;)


New Member
No way you did that list Catlin, you dont even know 50% of the cars :p.

I think I stay out, to busy with work and jada jada.
Mmmm... psychedelic... sounds good... Haven's I said this already?
Definitely considering to enter this contest!

So, what is to be psychedelic in our models? Does it mean we can make some psy textures, addition parts etc?

Thank you for this über-awesome contest :)
As this contest is about my fav. era of motorized transportation i will join. As i have been doing a lot of new bikes lately i think i will join. As this challenge will end on my birthday i can't forget the deadline and so will join.

ha ... so now i need to figure out which bike i will do. Something british maybe. A Norton? Hmm we'll see.

I'd certainly like to enter with a Ford Mustang.
Sure hope I can do justice to this American classic.
So no tuning though?, not even contemporary alloys?
At least I could put classic Bullitt wheels on.


I'd certainly like to enter with a Ford Mustang.
Sure hope I can do justice to this American classic.
So no tuning though?, not even contemporary alloys?
At least I could put classic Bullitt wheels on.
Of course you can put parts on it which existed at sixties ;)
well, since someone else is already doing a 66 'Vette, i think i will change my car to somthing a little more... different.

I will be doing a 1967 Ford Fairlane 500, 4 door sedan (my personal car too...):grin: