The Psychedelic 60s Contest - Poll

Who Is The Swinging King Of The 60s?

  • janusz_the_maker's 1966 Lamborghini Muira

    Votes: 16 17.6%
  • tom120934's 1963 Marcos 1800 GT

    Votes: 27 29.7%
  • veve's 1960 Ferret Scout Car

    Votes: 20 22.0%
  • _RicH_'s Aston Martin DB5

    Votes: 5 5.5%
  • rcat's Ford Mustang

    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • Sebastien Appel N.P's 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

    Votes: 21 23.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Designs have been created and have now been put forward to vote on as the over-all swinging king of the 60s.

When voting, please take into technical exectution of modeling, texturing and rendering.

Feel free to post a comment as to why you've chosen a particular entry... and no voting for your own work!!


The entrants are as follows...

janusz_the_maker's 1966 Lamborghini Muira:


tom120934's 1963 Marcos 1800 GT:


veve's 1960 Ferret Scout Car:


_RicH_'s Aston Martin DB5:


rcat's Ford Mustang:


Sebastien Appel N.P's 1965 Chevrolet Corvette:


For more higher resolution images of the above entrants, click here.


What the hell it is to choose a winner !

No suspense for my vote : it goes to Janusz_the_maker. Car choice is excellent, a piece of history on its own. Modeling wise, this is really good job (even if the render looks a bit unclean on eyelids) and rendering / composition are brilliant. There is a true 60's spirit in these pictures, at least they look to me (because to be honest, I don't remember 60's ;))

About my entry, I'm pleased with what I've got, but there is much more work to do on this rarety.

Veve achieved a great couple of renders, again. I wish I had 1/10 of his skills. But as he said, lack of time drived him to produce a render no as great as his WZA entry. And the vehicle isn't really ... psychedelic. I've no problem with military, but this is not my vision of a 60's car.

_RicH_ managed his DB5 very well. The model is incredibly smooth, the level of details on the front end is stunning, no matter it's lowpoly or not. Great job, but renders are a bit too pale IMHO. Anyways, he did justice to this legend car.

rcat has done a great job on this Mustang (yet another piece of history !) Modeling is almost flawless and makes the car really appealing. But lighting lacks of contrast IMHO and JPG compression is a bit ruining his efforts.

Sebastien Appel N.P choosed a really difficult car. He achieved a great model, maybe the best modeling in these 6 entries. Shaders are damn good and render is brilliant. But ... (because there is a "but" otherwise he would have won my vote) I just feel no emotion when looking at these renders, contrary to Janusz work. They were really close, but there must be a #1 and a #2, so here's my choice.

Again, congratulations to everyone : the average level of these entries is fabulous, you can be proud of your work and of this wonderful place.

Long lives to you and SMC !
Very difficult to choose , but I vote for the Corvette. I cannot imagine how difficult that shape must be to model , but Sebastien has done a fantastic job.
Again thanks especially to Tom and everyone else here who advised on my model. I'll be sure to work on improving textures and renders for next time. Let's have another comp. soon please.


Lamborghini President
Chose is damn hard!
After long cogitation my vote goes to: _RicH_'s Aston Martin DB5!
I know how hard is too model so beautiful model like this in so simple program like Zmodeler. Lovely work, a lot of work. I just have hope you give a try some other program because you can make great models with your experience!

And thanks for votes on my Miura ! :D
Thanks :) If i left myself more time I would of cleaned up the poly layout, and added an exhuast.. whoops...

I vote for the 'vette, very dramatic render :)
Well I have to say top is Miura, second is Marcos GT and third will be the vette..........the Lambo has a great shot that shows the car in motion, I just love it! the Marcos GT looks hot, has the right colors so that comes second because of plain background. Vette looks good but images actually do not show enough of the model, from what I can see of it the car looks accurate. Aston would come in 4th, love it, color is nice. Mustang is nice too but some little ireegularities in the model make it look off from real car. Military model is very good! but when I think of car from the 60's I think of curves and color, with that I am sure other cars will move out of the way especially if the cannon is loaded! and it can probably get out of traffic jams pretty easy too.
Guess who's back from greace:grin:

Geez,, you all did your homework while i was gone. It's a hard decision. But after long thinking my vote has to go to.........


Why? Because i think he made the biggest progress during this contest. Showed how he improved his skills.

I have to say all the other candidates did an outstanding job, really good cars and models and renders. It was a hard decision.

Good luck all in the contest and may the best win!!
Damn... this one was just about as painful as the WZA one to vote for. Sooo many awesome projects here guys. You should all be proud!!

My vote?... veve's Ferret Scout Car. Although typically not what you'd think of with regards to this sort of contest, he has still shone through with his amazing skills as an artist, his exceptional eye for detail and out-of-the-box thinking whilst still sticking well within the contest's rules...

Keep up the great work mate, and I must say that I think all of us are really proud to have someone as talented as you are here at

Other stand-outs would have to be Tom's and Sebastien's creations. Both of these guys have really given this contest their all, and it's shown immensly...

Tom, you've really improved since WZA, and even that vehicle was awesome. I'd love to see how you'd go using 3DSMAX with having access to something as powerful as VRay to really get the most out of your fantastic models!! I'm hanging out for your next piece!!

Sebastien, your renders are stunning... They don't show off the car too well, however you really get a feel for that car just by glancing at your renders. Awesome job mate!!


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my vote goes for janusz_the_maker's 1966 Lamborghini Muira,

a beautiful car, I loved these as a child, and this model just reminded me of my love for that car.

It was a shame not to see the escort in this thread, and the anglia... that would have made my choice a hard one.

On a side note, I think the "front" image for the Muira doesnt do it justice, the other front render was far better (in the other thread)

Overal, all of the vehicles look awsome... as always veve's work is stunning, and had it been a swinging sixties car he probably would have had my vote... but im not big on tanks etc for free love and peace ;)
All the other enteries are excellent, well done to everyone who entered, if I had a second choice, it would either be tom120934's 1963 Marcos 1800 GT, or, rcat's Ford Mustang

excellent work everyone!
My vote goes to Veve. When i look model, texture and generally render...... Veve's Feret. I think technically Veve do the best job. Just look this tires..... God !!!


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Oh f*ck it, I cant choose, everyone have done a excellent job, I cant just pick one of them.

Well done everyone, now Im going back to my irl Volvo to see if it still got air in the wheels and no damn hole's after knieves again :(.
I cant choose too.

I'll take the marcos GT, justly amazing, like the other three, but done with blender (I think). I just love it, the miura would have been my second choice.
"Psychedelic '60s" contest was supposed to be all about hippie psychedelic colored, "peace, love & freedom" cars, at least that's my guess, and according to Doc's Write-Ups, I'd say I'm right. Therefore, I have to say I'm slightly disappointed (mainly because of my love to Psychedelia) - there were no such things in this contest (like noone noticed "psychedelic" near 60 :p), but then, I'll be rational and understand that both modeling and texturing job couldn't be done in this short time.

I myself wanted to enter this contest with VW Beetle, but had lack of time and didn't manage even to model exterior. (will post WIP on forum soon)

My vote goes to Tom's Marcos 1800 GT.

Congratulations and good luck to all!
Yeah I only thought too late I could have done a Austin Powers E Type with the Union Jack on it. I would have put some hippy flowers on my mustang if I'd had time (and the skill) . Nevermind