The Psychedelic 60s Contest - Finished Entries Thread

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This is it guys!! The Psychedelic 60s Contest Finished Entries Thread. Please post your 2 finished renders of both the front, and the back of your ride, here... Also, any other renders (i.e, 'action-shots') that you think show off your model even more. These aren't compulsory, but are encouraged.

Please, no comments. This thread is soley for competitors' entries.

This thread will be closed on Monday, the 9th of June at 9am GMT, and then one week of voting, as the Winners will be announced in the following Weekly Write-Up.

Good luck to all!!


Lamborghini President
So, 3 renders of my Lamborghni Miura from 1966. Modelling this Lambo was very fun ;) I want to thanks all community and people from IRC channel for help ;D. Model isn't perfect because I don't have much time for CG. That's only what I can do for now. I wish too get some votes.
cheers ;)


Aston Martin DB5

Well mine hasn't gone as planned, the 3ds export from zmod has a poly limit and my model exceeded it so I had to split it up, then lightwave kept throwing random errors up, then my power kept cutting out, and I've got a horrible headache!

Anyway, here are my very rushed renders, if I get time for better ones I will post them.

The rear light backing has disapeared somewhere so it looks a bit funny, and the materials are pretty bad, but its too late to do anything about it now.

The main car is 20239 polygons, the wheels are 13350 each :O

(edit) made some better renders and fixed the rear light problem, bit happier now.


1960's Ford Mustang
Many thanks to SMCars for the contest. Big thanks to all who commented , especially Tom who gave me superb advice and encouragmet throughout the competition.
The point of these contests is to improve your skills and I definitely feel I've achieved at least that. Looking forward to the next one.


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