The Profile Project

As some of you may have noticed, I have been uploading a lot of the color plates from the Profile Publications series of monographs. It seemed to me that SMCars is the ideal forum to collect the entire series. There are a lot of Profiles already here, but there are quite a few yet to locate.

I have attached a list of all car Profiles Published, along with links to the SMCars location. I have already scanned additional plates and I just need to clean them up and ready them for upload. (The titles shown in blue type in the list).

If any of you any of the remaining titles stashed away, now’s the time to get them up onto SMCars!

Steve Sexton


I've posted everything I've been able to find so far. I am trying to get Volume 3 through the inter-library loan system. That should just about complete the project.
Are you sure you have all of them?
Why I'm doubtful is because when I was working on baby Duesenberg model I found the drawing of the car. I got in touch with the person who had it on his website, and he was kind enough to reply ;-) Here's the data: "drawing by John Dunscombe from a booklet issued by Profile Publications number 35 in 1966"
Thank you. Now I got: it was not published separatly but as a part of the Cord publication. I did not realize that.

Just a comment: "baby Duesenberg" was a Duesenberg prototype. Some sources refer to Cord 810 as "baby Duesenberg". But it is wrong. The project was canceled at Duesenberg and was restarted at Auburn a year later. Mechanically these cars are completely different.