The Nissan 100NX

Hi folks,

i signed in here a long time ago. My 100NX is still not finished but i´m working on it (see attached picture) ;)
The second Picture is a real-Picture i have taken of my car a few weeks ago.

soon i begin with the interieur. Befor i have to finish the exterieur (and the t-Bar roof). For this, i think i need again a few years... ;)

p.s. please correct my english if it is too bad, otherwise i can`t learn it :D


English lesson:

interieur is written INTERIOR

befor is written BEFORE

t-Bar..... mmmh we call it T-TOPS in the US. Im not sure about Europe, so that one, ask around! =)

exteriour is written EXTERIOR.

Going back to the model. I love the choice of vehicle. and the model looks pretty good too. Keep going!!


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t bar t top whatever works i actually just saw one of these a few hours ago its a nice little car

the modelling looks quite good theres some bumps and pinches here and there though maybe post some wires?
mike, dont take english lessons, some native born people cant even spell anything right these days anyway. so you're good.
In terms of a model, a great choice overall. Looks like a really nice render too. Is that max and vray? Keep it up, looks like a really interesting model. Would be cool if you can finish the render exactly like your picture. I'm sure you're going to be able to do it.
Again, long time ago

So, long time ago since i posted something. The reason: i dont know :D

There are now a few more renderings. I started to make the interior and fixed some issues at the front and the front-fenders in german - "kotflügel" (fecal-wings) :D

So i hope you like the following.

Model in C4D