The New Pagani: the Huayra


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Here it is....for what its worth.

Not very spectacular imho, though we don't have access to the full pictures yet. Thanks to Cars UK for the exclusive photo!

Hmm is it me or does it seem like a downgrade compared to the original Zonda ? Anyway, I was anticipating something more original considering how long the original is on the market (10 years or what ?). It seems like they are going the same way as Koenigsegg with the design. I know that the base models are original but if you brought a new shape to the market, why not work on a new one ?
if you compare the Zonda R and this you will see, that this is like 599 GTO to the 599XX, the R model is strictly for track and the Hua(something) is Zonda with almost the same engine and lines like the R, but you can go ...... buy milk with it!


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Also new pics here at

One interesting thing to note: you see the 2 odd looking flaps that are sticking back and up from the nose? Those really are fins according to Pagani, and they function like ailerons on a plane. They can independantly move to change the downforce on one side of the car or another to further control the attitude of the car. And whats more, there are two corresponding flaps on the read deck lid :)

Who knows, the car might be amazing on the track, but I see it as a major downgrade from what I think is easily one of the greatest cars in history: The Zonda.

My 2 cents anyway...
Yeah and the front looks very heavy as well. I think that's because of the "flaps". Side and rear are very nice on this one though so I think I changed my mind a bit :) I wonder when someone decides to model it in 3D - it will certainly be a bit difficult with all the uneven surfaces and smooth corners.


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It looks like one of those cars made by someone in a garage that's supposed to resemble another car, in this case the Zonda, it's horrible.