The Graveyard - Post your unfinished work here

The meaning of this topic is to show your work which you started for some reason but never got back to or just started for fun and no intention to finish. I'm sure everyone has unfinished models lying on hdd waiting to be finished someday so lets see them here!

I'll start showing some of my models which weren't finished, these are only personal projects.


story of my life this thread :p

R32 GT-R, ongoing project for many years now... though i'm trying to get round to updating it..

R35 GT-R, started the day the GT-R proto was unveiled, worked on, changed into the production model, and many years later its still got tonnes to be completed, much to the annoyance of the Racer community.

Ferrari 348GT Competzione , started because the 348 is the only ferrari i love... and then erm forgotten for the past 6 years :O

TRA Kyoto S13 Silvia, started in 2005...... (incidently it's funny how in the west the Rocket Bunny kit has only just caught on)

and the list goes on.....Silvia PS13, Corrolla Levin 2 Dr, Mark II, VW Golf GTi, VW beetle
Pontiac Firebird, Skyline DR30, Skyline KPGC10, Skyline KPGC110, Veilside Z33 yadda yadd yadda but i posted pics of the nice ones.

Problem is i get bored once i'm about 90% done, that combined with lots of computer problems and giving up entirley on trying to repair my pc in about 2007, when i had a whole heap of really nice textures i'd done corrupted, and having absolutely no time to get anything done... :(
You're not the only one who said that :p
I must say your textures are looking really crisp, whats your secret? :)
Lol wouldn't suprise me, there's probably more unfinished cars out there than finished one :p

hours of photoshop lol, that and i use 1024s, one for bodywork/one for underside/detailing/wheels and another for glass/lights etc. texture res helps alot :)


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OK, here are a few projects, on which I got stuck, or I got bored, or I had no time, or no patience... you know the story :) One day I presumably get back to them ...
(all in Blender 2.49)