The Fast and The Furious Competition

Who has the best FNF Car?

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Cold As Ice10129 said:
i have come across a question...if we are unsure of the wheels used for our cars, what are we to do. Unless someone knows the wheels they used on the R33 GTR from the first one.

The only pictures i have found are motion, so i couldnt even guess as to what they look like
Will this satisfy you? No idea what the wheels are, but you get the gist from there!

Captured it myself.


Snipe - You can enter more than one but if thats gonna happen you think the quality will be a bit low?

Ice - Umm, thats very true and i have noticed same problem with my evo lol. I guess you can do whatever you want just make it as close as possible. Again when the judging begins its not me who chooses the winner, its the forum members.
yeah but on my Z3 it's in the movie for about 3/4 of a second and thats it. I have no clue what kind of bodykit is used at the back or sided, rims and decals are also very hard to see, basicly I just got a front end ref shot and that is it...

so well still have some time, might look for something else... still thinking about doing that pick up tough
in the second one. at the beginning when they all come together for the race... there is a nice Z3 among the crowd, but like I said it's only in it for 3/4 of a second


Probably some regular 99-04 Mustang prints and lots of refpics for the custom parts, btw if you have some pics with it(engine, spoilers, anything) please PM me or post them here, I'd apreciate it.
edit: just found out that it's the S281 Extreme, so I'll be making that one
Does anybody have Mustang blueprints from 99-2004? I could have sworn I had them, but I think I saw them somewhere and thought that I'm not gonna model it in the nearby future, so I didn't save them :( I've looked all over the blueprints section and on a few other sites and I just can't get a track of them.

Im new here im working already an few weeks on an car from tokyo drift in zmodeller for the game Gta Sa its now done for 94% and it has 32604 faces. But i know it isnt the same quality like u all do.

Ps. Can someone help me out with the decal


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woutyuh said:
Ps. Can someone help me out with the decal
hmm it is quite the polies where the decal goes.then copy them and then add texture to the decals...and if u mean i need the decal pics oh no....i cant help you about it :-D
First post ever!

Id like to try the Skyline if I can still enter. I'm in school right now and it's demo reel time so i'm not sure if i'll be able to complete it but i'll try. I've only done one car and it's this s15 i did a couple months ago. Took me about a weeka and a half. So let me know if i can still enter. Thanks guys.

P.S. I know this is flawed, (understatement) so feel free to pick it apart but be gentle... It was my very first car and i only had about 4 months of 3D under my belt before i did it.

k I am done with the car, so I'll be the first one to post here, hope you'll like it :p
PS: the first 3 pics have obvious photoshop work on them, the rest don't, that is why I uploaded the white studio renders twice, so you can see the originals :p :) and decide which you like better which doesn't really matter :)