The Fast and The Furious Competition

Who has the best FNF Car?

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i might give it a try.
Does only the winner get the video tutorial or can he only do the request ?
i mean like when i win do i only get the video tutorial or everybody else but on the same subject.


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this sounds cool. but is it okay to enter a car that had little exposure from the movie? i was thinking of trying the Ford F150 Lightning from the 1st movie.


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2 darth carth: it's ok dude :) ... i'm still not sure about it. I still have to finish my Civic WIP

also I found this site w/ a few pics of all the cars (even trucks) featured in the FnF movies... maybe they could be of help

FnF Tokyo Drift
no it's fine you were first so go ahead ;)
and thx for the pictures

btw is it just me or aren't there any decent prints for a 3 doors Civic '92 ?
been searching for a while but haven't found any... If I can't find anything by tomorow can I still switch cars? Because then I'll be doing a BWM Z3 from 2F2F


jms_3d said:
I would love to join but im not sure on my meshing skill is to great just yet but im sure ill lose but give at go :grin:
You won't lose, noone loses, only win
Yep new cars only. So if i see anybody enter with an old project they just get kicked out without any warning.

Also, it doesnt matter if you do high or low poly i just want everybody to have fun and enjoy themselves. I have thought about the prize and ill do this. THe winner gets to pick if i should make a tutorail or give away 3 parts from me evo to the public. So you will all get it. But only winner chooses which.
Baggsie the Jetta!

I'm not sure if I want to smooth model this or high poly game model it, but It should be fun!
i have come across a question...if we are unsure of the wheels used for our cars, what are we to do. Unless someone knows the wheels they used on the R33 GTR from the first one.

The only pictures i have found are motion, so i couldnt even guess as to what they look like