The Driver


watch the latest Trailer of "The Driver" an adrenaline-fueled animated title aimed squarely at the car culture and racing enthusiast. The story follows the escapades of a mysterious driver out to rid the streets of Los Angeles of illegal street racers.

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after seeing this i logged in just so i could as this question, how does go about adding scratches to car in such a way as these crashes so the paint seems to have come off, can it only be achieved with mel(from a maya only perspective) or some partcicles plugings etc or node combination ??, how would 1 go about it, ive searched hi and low, :(


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i dunno about maya, but scratches can be made using a particle system in Max. you apply an array of particles on a surface (the surface that applies the scratches) and wherever these particles touch, they paint the texture . all you have to do then is use that texture as a mix map for the two materials, the car paint and the scratched surface.