The all new Range Rover is here!

This is the Range Rover RS500, perhaps the ultimate version of the luxury SUV. It has been created by Range Rover specialist Kahn, but with power from tuning masters at Cosworth. The result is 500bhp from a 4.4-litre V8 diesel engine. In the standard Range Rover, the same engine develops only 313bhp.

The front bumper is completely new too, designed by Kahn as part of a ten-piece body kit. It includes new side skirts, matte black air vents and a rear diffuser. Take a look at its dashing look. :eek::eek:


Should work well in the Dakar Rally!! LOL :) It is funny on how all these 4x4 SUVs are made for the street and will never see dirt!

I really love this range rover and wanted to have one.Can you tell me the price for it and if someone is selling his car then do let me know please..
Range Rover RS500 one of the best model of 2011 in the home. Only the attraction part in this SUV is the engine which is 4.4 liter V8 diesel engine.