Sydney Tribute Project


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So I decided that making the bridge straight wasn't good enough, so to make it more accurate I attempted to make it curved. Blue parts done in about 5 hours. If you're interested in how I did it, I basically created a spline and used the spacing tool to create copies along a path. I set the spacing tool to be instanced so I was able to add stuff and have them update right away. That's why you see some floating parts, which is the only part I need to edit. I have to weld some spots but they don't look noticeable on the render. More details to come...
Couldn't you do a FFD (free form deformation)? Awesome level of detail, are you going to texture it? Everything looks too clean to me. It might be because i'm use to living in dirty cities though haha.

Awesome detail! That should make some great highlights on the cars when you render it on the bridge because the extra detail of the bridge will show up very well on the reflections. It should be cool. Great job!
The best always leave us very first
But we shouldn't think about it,just because we don't know what's up there
Great project,very glad that you didn't even think about closing it
Btw those studio renders like in #199 post are spreaded all over the net
Man this is just one impressive project, it's nice to see you still working on it. I'm really looking forward to the final renders. The bridge looks awesome as i expected ;) Good luck with the last straws!
@helicase - Thanks, I pretty much remodeled the bridge to be more accurate, so using something like FFD wasn't really an option. Still working on those textures :)
@INST3D - Thanks mate! Yeah, guess that's what happens when you post it on tumblr haha.
@Erik - Thanks!

Part two of the pylon. There are a few more features to add which should be done tonight. After that I can start texturing it and adding good ol' displacement maps.

Until the next update, I hope everyone has a good holiday!


Thank you all for the likes!

Started to texture the front face of the pylon. The bricks may be a bit too deep, so I'll see what I can do about that. I also added some recent renders I did of the cars to make up for the lack of car-related renders.


Thanks guys.

@Viewbreaker - Something like 17 million with all the cars and stuff. I'll definitely need to use proxies haha.

Motivation can be hard to find sometimes and I would've liked to have gotten more done. Here is the extent of my texturing work so far.



I did have a 4000x2222 render but it appears to be too large of a file for any website to upload lol. I will have to upload it to something like rapidshare once I'm done. It's 6.83MB but SMC doesn't seem to want to upload it. I wanted to do a test render with everything together and doesn't seem to be a problem with my machine. I'm using proxies of course. I put everything together really quick in this one so expect better renders in the future. I did add a zdepth layer though; I think I will try Vrayfog again.



Hey advan. SMC allows up to 20mb upload attachments. But there is (it seems to be) a server php timeout if it takes longer to upload larger files which also depends on your connection. Anyway this is of course not the way it should be. I always struggle myself uploading large files. I hope we can sort that out very soon.

However, your render is great! How long does it take to render one frame at 720p or 1080p ? Have you considered rendering a short animation?



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Looking at some old posts, I think the texture on the bridge is good. Your sky is far too bright, when you factor in the way all of your geo is reacting to your lights, so the contrast of the bridge against that sky is what makes it seem too dark.

I agree with your globe style lights being quite bright, but I think it's color they need. They are very white, and should have more of a golden or yellow hue to them.

Your water looks very nice, but the hot spots seem quite hot. The intensity of that should be close to what we see in the windows they are reflecting.

It would be nice to see some variation in the brick texture as well, even displacing the bricks as a whole slightly. Bricks rarely stay perfectly level, and it's common to see variation in the overall height across the entire surface.