Sydney Tribute Project

My friend Kevin Phan (Dori Kevin on here) passed away almost a month ago. Me and him enjoyed doing 3D I thought it was appropriate to do this. Attached a render of his models. I'm finishing up the blue RPS13 right now. The scene will be the 4 cars cruising along the Sydney bridge and in the background, maybe there will be the sydney opera house - since it's a lot lower than the bridge. This thread will mostly be rendering and making of bridge since cars are almost done. I just need to finish things up like his taillights and a simple interior. I think many of you may not like the style unless you're into the whole "JDM" scene but its his style and I think that's awesome.


I too am sorry about your friend. And its a very noble thing to be doing. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with this mate. I have no doubt that you will do this project justice.
I am sorry about your friend, too. It is a hard way to get back to life. The same happened to me.
It is great, that you finish his last project and give him his last honor.

By the way, the RPS13 looks fantastic.
Hi Advan... Life is so treacherous and strange, man, but we have to be on the way, you know.
He will be proud of you for doing this. I hope you are not so sad. Think in the good things of life and you know we are here man.
I´m sorry man...


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Very sorry to hear about your friend, advan, but looks like youre going to make him honor. Btw, not sure if you can get a full lock or drive anywhere else than tarmac ;)
hmg2007 - he sure was

an update on the cars and started on the bridge. Interior is real basic and most likely the windows will be covered by reflections.

Also, project idea changed a bit. Instead of cars on bridge I will just do it in background.

its looking good advan, i am also sorry about your friend. the only thing im wondering about is shouldnt the wings on the touring seats have more of a curve ware they come into the headrest?
kinda like this
almost done with bridge. Need to work under it, add some stuff to the top and 4 monuments. Afterwards I'll model the skyscrapers and start rendering :)


Im very sorry to hear about a loss of a fellow member.

Its fantastic that your doing this as a tribute to him!

I commend on your work and details your putting into this!

This will turn out fabulous like your usual works!

The modeling is looking fantastic!