Super GT

Yes,it will be a quite heavy realtime model.
I've been fixing many stuff,especially curvature issues,mismatches
but better show an update once I have the whole body updated to a more final state

Thanks a lot for the comment ;)
Guys thanks a lot for the liking my work
It's really special to see that my efforts are paying off :D

@Exidge,I'm glad you like them and wow!:D

While I'm not familiar with the art of rendering
Today I tried my best to create some,hopefully they are good enough
to show off a wip model.


Here's an update regarding supra...

Body panels are smoothed,separated and double sided
They need some chamfering though in some places, mostly the inner side of them.

Worked on some mechanical parts as well,but I'm still researching and trying to
figure out how to build them correctly,so if anyone has some critique\info regarding those
I would be grateful.

Rollcage is being reshaped as well:)
Thanks a lot and see you in the next update:)


It's time for update it seems :D

Body panels are updated,they need a little bit more work so the can be rendered complete.
Mechanical parts are also updated.
And last but not least a new render setup with improved materials.

I'm really looking forward to read your thoughts and critiques regarding those. :D


Thanks a lot for the comments guys,:)

Here's a new picture showing progress

New rims, tires,brake rotors,front brake calipers,uprights,cockpit "control panels" are created,(phewww finally removed the placeholders :D)

Chassis\frame is updated as well,but there are still things to do there. :)