Super GT

Hello everyone,Here is my latest work
I have learned a lot new techniques and ways of working,in the past weeks.
and would really like to thank my friend Salim for that :)

So I think its the right time to make a fresh start.
and what other machine could be it other than my beloved SUPRA ^_^

In the following picture,you can see my progress so far.
Still have a lot to correct and do,but unfortunately due to very limited time
progress is expected to be slow.


Thanks the liking my work guys.
Sorry for the late reply,I wanted to have something to show.

For now,details in the front of the car are being created and some smoothing
took place as well.

If you have any constructive criticism for me,I would gladly read it
and try to improve.

Thanks a lot



lovely work bro !

a lot of improvement ! keep it up i'm sure it will end at the advanced section ! looking for the textured verssion ;) !

keep it up !
best regards,
Salim Ljabli
This time I need a little bit help
regarding the suspension system in the front of the car (at least for now).

I want to make a correct\plausible suspension system
But I don't have any knowledge about how such systems are constructed or work

so If could someone help,it would be really great
And you will also be credited if you wish

What I have so far, is solely what I could figure out from that single pic
and some 2006 sc430 tamiya prints
and probably very wrong..
Of course the parts are very simple because i want to find the correct setup
then i will model will details

Thanks a lot in advance



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I don't know how these particular suspensions' scheme is set, bt surely i can tell u that the circled green part in the pic is wrong, because those supports have to be linked to the chassis, not to the plastic rear cover of the wheel arches as in your model ;)


Thanks a lot for posting here :)
Its not a support though,it starts as a bulge from the inner side of the wheel well

Asking around,I found that this is called push-rod suspension
Seeing some examples I can say my setup is wrong,but that was expected since that is the only pic I had showing parts of the said system.

I guess I will manage it now :)



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All right :)

What i meant is that all those parts have to be linked someway somewhere though. I really like your model, so, if it's for a game, i don't think u have to be so detailed btw. After all that part is covered by the hood :D
Thanks for liking it :) yes as i said what i did was wrong,but now that I was told how the suspension system is named
I found some good examples of how it works so most likely it will be ok :)

I want to make the model as detailed as possible :) plus it is not only for a game

The main reason is because i need it for a story project I'm creating
then comes modding and learning new stuff while doing different parts.

about the model itself Polycount with everything in it so far is 98k
so I guess if the final sits below 200k it qualifies as time attack machine :)

If consoles can render things up to 140-180, modern computers can do it too

Plus for the mod there will be lods and most likely there will be 2 versions
the full machine for time attack and a less detailed with lods as well

that can participate on a full grid,or there might be a way to do it so only the drivers car is the original (lod0)
and the others start from lod 1 (the only difference will be less not visible parts)^^


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Wow, it seems very interesting, i'll follow it for sure. A story project, so u're going to do some animation , right? It will be a very tiring and complex thing, i'd like me too to learn that stuff.
About the mod, i hope to play it someday :)
About the polycount, i think is very difficult to do a detailed car in a low poly way, bt hey, u're fully getting it and your model is really well done So, keep on it !!!
The story in its main body however is not car related (but it will have super GT in it at some point)
It started 10 years ago,and some years ago I started learning 3d just because of that story :)

When I started,I wanted to make a video game,thus the 3d,but as I was working alone over the years that
goal became unrealistic,so the goal now is to make an illustrated story with mixed media 2d and 3d

You can check some of the characters here if you like:
characters by ShadowExplorer on deviantART

If you check around the gallery you will find older 3d characters and such :)

About the car,other than being the main race weapon for the story
It is my favorite machine,The one I love the most :)
so I can't wait to play it as well,but progress is slow,since I'm busy
but when I can I work on it :)

Thanks :)