Studebaker Starliner (1953)

I was planning to model this, so I made some images of my old scale model kit, assembled in 1991. It’s a bit disintegrated now. The image is a composite made of several images to minimize perspective distortions. The camera was fixed on a tripod and its’ position adjusted with two bubble levels.

This kit is a good example of what a young man would do to a classic car if he’s given a chance. Luckily I could not afford a real classic car ….


Thanks a lot for the trouble!
Now i wait to see your version of the Studebaker 53.
(Did you conceived that double-blower configuration yourself??)
Well the Studebaker does look European. Maybe not as revolutionary as the DS but a far cry from its contemporary American counterparts.
Raymond Loewy was the first production stylist to incorporate the mudguards as "quarter panels", the wheels wrapped within the entirety of the body. Maybe without his Studebakers, the DS wouldnt've looked like it did either.
Loewy didn't really design it though. One of his underlings did, who worked at Loewy's design studio. He had some say in the direction of the car, but he didn't exactly 'design' it.