SMCars 2011 Summer Contest - Top Gear Challenge

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Nobody from Brazil??

i have 11k real (5000 euro) and found this car

Citroen ZX Dakar

MercadoLivre: ZX Dakar 2.0 16v - R$ 9800.00

its a good car to race hehe

im in the rules? or im doing something wrong with this?
yes ofc you can join whit it. we are in the same class :)
ZX and 205 basically same cars whit different looks.
Can't w8 to see this one done !

btw I have that same engine in my real car :D except mine is from 89. but still hasn't passed 100,000 Km
I might have to get in on this. So lemme get this straight, we are making the car as if it were for real, for less than 5000? Well I dunno if this counts, but I got this car for sale in real life currently, a 1999 Pontiac GTP for 3900 US, which has a supercharged V6, and are pretty quick.

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 2dr

I can easily add bigger blower pulleys, a different chip, and K&N intake system for less than 1000$ to boost power to over 300 rwhp.

So, if that's how this contest goes, I'm making this. Though 30K tris is low for me wanting to add interior/engine/other crap I normally add for my ingame GTA cars. And 2048x2048 texutres, is that one sheet, or multiple sheets? I'd rather use 1024x1024 for game freindly use, though I should be able to use 4 of those to meet the 2048x2048 requirements.
Since you live in USA you got 7199 USD to spend. :)

You can use multiple texture sheets but it's always better to use as few sheets as possible when we are talking about game models.
You also dont have to use the whole 2k space, if you wanna use textures that are smaller and wont be that large as a whole, no problem.

Id love to see you join, Grand Prixs a extremly rare on this site. :D
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