SMCars 2011 Summer Contest - Top Gear Challenge

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Congratulations Contestants! You are participating in the SMCars Top Gear Challange. You have each been given 5000€ (or your national equivalent) and are thus obligated to purchase a car of your choice with the given money. Any left overs from the amount can be used to buy spare parts, upgrades or paint jobs for your car.

Once you bought and build the car, you will head out on a road trip from London, UK to Nürnburgring, Germany. There you will participate in series of tests and in a Grande Finale, an 8 Hour Endurace Race.

Challange requirements:

- Maximum Budget: 5000€
- Your must provide links/screenshots for the car you buy aswell as for the upgrades
- All contestants have a “Garage” for them, so no need to spend money on tools
- All upgrades must be documented. ( No upgrades like “uncle painted it”
- For Low-Poly Contest 30K is enough. Max. texture size is 2048x2048
- Contest will end 30th of September

The winner gets a HDRI Package with very high resolution backplates and will be awarded with the SMC TopGear Challaenge Award:


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Can we add to the rule that each contestant must post a link to the classified ad where the car was bought as well as any of the mods that were purchased? Oh and can Ebay ads not be allowed as the advertised prices often start as low as a dollar?

Also, I think we should limit car purchases to say 200 mile radius of your local area because if you live say in California and the car you found is in New York, wouldn't it cost money to drive across the country to get it?

5000 Euro = 6990 Canadian dollars. I can buy a sweet ride.
IMO we should "buy" our cars from the same website... so the money issue gets the same for everyone.... cars are really, really more expensive here in south america
Youll have to find a buy now offer for you part then. Doesnt have to be ebay Id say.

Also, dont convert 5000 Euros to 5000$ or whatever currency you are using (looking at Klobsters :D).

Im gonna join with a highpoly E39 5 series, I should be able to find a nice 540i on somewhere for that money. :D

I got one question tho, how do problems like overheating or bad transmissions effect the contest? I mean, you can drive the car but you should get mayor issues sooner or later, as seen in almost every top gear challenge? :D

So are we getting $5000 in USA or Canada?? Or what 5000 Euro converts out to in US or Canadian Dollars ??

Also .... High poly is allowed ??? The tri limit is just for low/mid poly contest ??

Also I agree if using a bidding site for a car you need to pay the "buy it now" price

This will be fun....

Ok I'm new here so I'm going to just come out and say that I'm confused.

So we find a car in the classifieds or ebay or wherever for less than 5000 euros (or in my case $6990 Canadian) and we model and texture it exactly and whatever "money" we have leftover can go towards a paint job, or rims or any other parts we wish to add to the car so long as we take screenshots of the parts/car and the prices associated with them we're good? Does this include mechanical upgrades as well?

I would love to join this challenge but I just want to be sure of the rules. I'm rereading the description for the third time as I type this.

Please help an idiot out :\
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