SMC Super Challenge IV - Helmet


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nuts dude, when you show the close shots, the materials look amazing, are we suppose to make separate wip threads for this , or can we just post all on one thread?
Very nice helmets guys well done. Here's my entry to the competition, the general shape is from my head but the details I got from different helmets that I found on google. Good luck to all :D:D O btw texturing this will be a nightmare :S


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well i *finally* started modelling...i had to spline cage the thing about 10 times before it looked right :|...model is still a bit lumpy at the moment

i think ill do some crazy airbrush type design on it rather than a mainstream race driver kind of thing...


Well I guess I'll join in..
The 5 remaining days will probably be a good opportunity to hone some leather-working & stitching skills on a vintage flavored, cafe racer Davida helmet and maybe Halcyon goggles if I have enough time :)

A little draft...