SMC Super Challenge II - Classic Car

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Ok I'm done with it :D

  • 19,3k Tris for whole model
  • 1,7 Tri for each wheel
  • GT4 Style interior
I tried to get pretty nice details + low polycount. As you can see in attachments it works pretty well. I promise I will finish (Textures and interior) it after finishing my R34 :)



ohh nice work Krystian :D :) !

i see clearly who's gonna have my vote ;).

ah btw tell me did you used a Print ?! if yes send me the link plz :).

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Salim Ljabli
Heres mine. Would of liked a lot more time to sort out the body.

Not really sure how blender shows poly's and tris. But I found if I added a decimate modifier it converted my mesh to tri's and showed how many faces. Not being familiar with lowpoly modelling does anyone know if this seems right??

Ended up with 1365 tris for the wheels/tyres. 6888 for the body(which doesnt seem enough). 436 for the whale tail and 272 for mirrors and door handles.



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heres mine a jaguar xk120.. started yesterday n worked on it a few hours this morning, i applied meshsmooth to the main body just to get it looking good but it still works alright without in which case its way under the limit so i could probably do an interior, im going to keep working on this one eventually do some nice renders and maybe put it in a game

also, this is my first time modelling something with a limit to the number of polys and i think im going to do several more vehicles this way cuz i need to stop with the 500k poly cars that kill my computer so thanks for running this!


Of course you are :)

Thanks for joining the contest, have to say voting will be interesting hard to decide which to vote. 8)


Poll will be up tonite
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