SIMCA ( several models )

Pete, you'd know about this, here in Oz Simcas are extremely rare. However, a panelbeater who works not far from my home drives a restored Simca that looks a lot like the first print you've posted here, with fins and a lot of chrome, but it's badged as "Beaulieu". Is it derivative of one of these, or an entirely different model, do you know?


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Hey zum. The Simca Beaulieu was a much bigger car than the ones I posted here ( the Aronde and p60 models ) and was in fact a Ford ( France ) Vedette model. They had a big 2350 cc V8 engine. You can find out more about these at .
This site also has a nice blueprint of the aronde and period brochure pictures :wink:



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Yes I do, Swen.
As a matter of fact, I have a pretty large collection of ads - mainly fifties, but also from the other decades of the 20th century - and I prefer the simple black and white ones, like the one You posted here.
Some were real works of art - contrary to some later " quick " stuff ... :wink: