Simca 1200s Bertone Coupe

Simca 1200s Coupe (1968-1971)
I made that pic for a 3d car modelling contest.
I added a small 3view i found into the Donation forum. That and the photos i found i used as reference (+ memories)
15 years ago i owned that car and it was fun to drive :)

modelled in 3dmax, rendered with Vray free

and some more shots



ok i love vray instantly..
the second an third and fourth picture are amazing!!
chrome is one of the best i've seen so far.
modeling triple A!!
thnx for showing!!


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wow .... :shock:

:D great job ! the last two studio renders are amazing, this really shows that its the details that does it ! looks like you have every little piece in its right place ... you obviously know the car well :D

a 10 out of 10 !

/ daniel
thx for the comments.
I already started another car project, where i can use the things i learned with the Simca.
will be another vintage car, which isnt covered yet as 3d model. I was surprised to find 1st class sport cars which arnt modelled to death yet.
It will be a BMW507 (the car the Z8 is based on)
here is a 1 day wip:

Wow... That was long ago :D
Though I can remember these renders (I used that one with the building as my wallpaper for several montsh :mrgreen: ) :D

Can't wait to see that rusted version :D
Wow, I must say and excellent piece of work. The car looks great and the modeling is excellent not to mention the rendering hehe. Though I'm not familiar with the car I'm still mesmerized. Even though youve said its a render, usually when someone says that I can pick out why I know its a render, its really hard to do it with your work ;) Thanks for showing :)


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Lem said:
If you dont use 3d studio max well then i need to write something about setting up a szene the next days.

that would be great :)
your render setup is really sweet, those material settings are definitely top notch as well 8)

gives you basics about keylights and fill lights

for outdoor scenes i fake GI using a lightdome like described here

I use a greyish color for the light with a slight blue tone. For sunlight i use a warm yelloish light. lightdome should be made of instances of each light so changes effect all lightdome lights if your 3d application allows this.
Since my glas materials are usually standard materials and not raytrace i turn off shadow casting in the object properties for all glass.

lightdome shouldnt produce specular highlights so turn off that option.
ambient lightning is right when object looks like it would be standing in a cloudy enviroment with no direct sunlight at all. after that add the sunlight with stronger contrast and yellow tone. give the light quality shadow map or raytrace shadow values.
The rest lies all in the materials and their reflections ( go through the free hdri texture resources. If your proggie cant handle hdri images then convert them to "normal" bitmaps and use that instead.
If your application does not know falloff maps you still could control reflection with radial gradients.
Add some very low valued proceedural noise map to your bum channels to simulate some imperfections in the surface (no reflection is perfect)

After a long time not doing anything 3d related anymore i am back in business. Had to redownload my 3view here because my HDD died with no backup.
Noticed all my renderings are not anymore, so i will give you these back at least.

o7 for still keeping this awesome resource site up.

P.S: you might check out what i want to try with it:



Since lockdown got extended i still need to wait to get my rib cage laser cutted. Meanwhile i changed the model to be able to be printed.
1st parts are printed by a friend and the model except the interior is ready for printing.