Show off your projects you are working on

So many nice cars in this thread. @ rage_3071r: love that container scene with the M1. Do you mind me asking where you got those nice container textures? I'm looking for someting like that.

Here's a screenshot from my game project:
Hi everyone! Have been recovering from two years of "sick of all that 3D stuff". :D Making a Mack MB-series truck. Not even half done but already a bit heavy on the polys. Gonna need a decent optimization if I ever get it to game-rady state. Not much info on these workhorses on the net so if anyone knows where to find good photos of the interior or frame, your help is welcome.


Unfortunately slow around here lately, especially on the real-time threads.

Anyway, lots of progress since I last posted on this thread. (By the way, why isn't there a more general what-are-you-working-on thread?)

Still lots to do. Especially the large smooth area on the rear has been giving me trouble to get right.
An update of the Mutt with missing parts (total around 30k tri) + another project (maserati 250f) to learn texturing "fake" vents and bolts so far with 35k tri (main body around 5k)

Next step : learn to do texture in GIMP :)

25Ofbackangle.JPG 25Offrontangle.JPG muttfrontangle.JPG muttpartialwire.JPG muttrearangle.JPG partial wire.JPG