Shelby GT500 (2007)

Yea i know there is detail missing. When i rendered it in 3dsmax it didnt put it in the render so i had to go back in photoshop and put most of it it. Also i have been asked that question a lot. The way i do it is kind of hard to explain. I am right now trying to figure out a easier way.

EDIT: I also just added the clay version of the car if that will help someout.
I think this is excellent if you want to get blueprints that line up and to get the proportions right, for details one doesn't need blueprints IMO :) .
So many thanks to you, carfreak!
Could you do something similar with the Camaro Concept one day?
I am trying all the cars from carbon. Its just when i do that lil trick in 3dsmax sometimes it doesnt get all the detail. When i did the charger and the other gt500 it doesnt show much of anything. So yea i am going to try the challenger and the camaro concept sometime.