Shelby G.T.500 (1967) High Rez

here are some prints i made useing the model from Need For Speed carbon, orj renders at 2048x2048, already cropped and ready to go, i also included wireframe renders so you can see how EA did parts.....
also, since it is an EA car, and they have lots of money, it is probably quite accurate, and since it is renderd out from the model, and not drawn, everything should line up nicely hehe 8)

i did screw up tho, and i lost the non wireframe top view :( but it should still be fine....

the zip has the high rez, preview is 1024 by xxx and greyscale



jalopy madness
this is accurate indeed. laser scanned from real shelby cobra gt500.

btw i will do real blueprints of this car bit later, since you really cant see how some body lines goes with these "prints". (also prints for GT500E will follow later) ;)