Shelby Cobra GT500 Sportsroof (1967)

newer shelby blueprints

here is a little more clear version of the photos you have posted here. In addition it also has the rear view. I found the reference in some sketch online, and I created a line drawing in a vector art program. The sketches weren't detailed enough for the elanor model I want to do so I'm now creating some sketches from refrence photos for that car. I should be uploading the elanor blueprints soon. Anyways, they're not great, but here they are.

edit: the car might be a little wide. I based the width off a photo i found, becuase the drawing i had the car seemed extremely narrow. Adjust as needed.


The name "Sportsroof" wasn't used until 1969. Until then it was called the "Fastback". Shelbys were all fastbacks (excluding prototypes) until 1968 when they added the convertibles.