Seems we' re back ?? ;0)

Not really back. Since we were hacked I can´t log in with my normal account as Moritzamica. Received the notice: Email adress unknown and so on. Tried to get in contact with the admins, again no chance and no answer... So I choosed the way, to create a new account. Question could one of the admins reactivate my old account ? If you need an email adress, here is mine: Tilhepp(at)
Would be nice to be back again. Best wishe

Tilman aka Moritzamica
Hey mate,

don't know to who you sent the message but I haven't got one atleast. Good to see you back here though. I sent link to your email which you can use to reset your password.


Super Moderator
Thanks, Johnas, it seems to work now! I used the normal way, forgotten password , contact the admins and so on... Any way thanks, I´m happy now. But I´m not so amused about, what happened to the blueprints. I hope, we can bring them back. These stupid idiots! (Sorry for my harsh words)
Admins and moderators email address was erased from our accounts so you couldn't recover your old password before I edited your account. Lots of trouble has been caused indeed.