SD40 Locomotive

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with many variants of this body style I would have to say there are too many variations to get the specifications right, so I'll just say it's an SD40, nothing behind the name...

anyway, the good news with these blueprints, is that they are created based off a 3d model, so they should line up 100% accurately, with at most a pixel if difference.

The models shown are the exact same size as well, so you can just copy and paste the uvw modifier from one plane to the other and it'll turn out just fine...

Also, there is lighting on these blueprints to substitute for the thin/heavy lines I use to show depth in the prints I create from Illustrator. So in the top view for instance, the shadow makes the circular vents look larger, but on the darker side on the right, with the 3 vents close together, it is easy to see where the shadow starts and stops. The shadows are also what makes the diagonal line across the nose of the locomotive, under the horns...

anyway, the scaling for the train can be accomplished entirely by using the 4-foot, 8.5-inch measure of between the wheel inside walls...

anyway, yes, this is using the same model I made in the works in progress section.

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this was posted 9 years ago, the attachment most likely got lost during one of the numerous updates/server issues/whatever else this forum has been through in that time period
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