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hello !

i've finnaly finished one of my 3D comercial project , it's the Lamborghini LP 640 roadster , this was made for a customer , it's a highpoly game model but lowpoly in terms of modeling , exterior is 100ko interior is 60k all the modeling work was fully done in Zmodeler 1.07b and textures are made 100% from scratch no pictures used as textures .

here is the model :

model was made in defferent files since zmod doesn't support highpoly model or better say my computer couldn't handle that .

ps. a small line aprear one the interior floor that's just due to the convertion from zmod to 3ds max i have to move it down .

soon i'll post some renders .

Salim Ljabli .


ohh so you were the guy from GtaF with the highpoly lambo lol

btw noticed that the door panel is more rounder in reality , about the side light idk that is how it looks in pics from netcarshow

Good work :D



hi !

thx for the come and notes too :p !

abiut the door that part is chamfered and it look charpe becose of the 3ds exporter it detached it :S so chamfer doesn't give it's effect ,as for the side light there are two kind of side light the one you shown and the one i did :) , if you need refference pictures of the one i did i can post them ;) .

anyway thx for pointing out that :) .

Salim Ljabli .
That's a great job but you got roof wrong [the cabrio] & there suppose be a glass behind seats. I wish Lamborghini would have a better roof or more smoother version but unfortunately its a bit rough a bit like this [below pic] ;)

SALIM AND VLADY'F here too? cool , hey guys, me is Shelby on the other forums, i'm glad to find you here, and like i said in the other forum, exelent work Salim ;)



@ silent : thank you brother :) !

@ xentek : thx brother ! and don't worry i'll do my best :) i'm working on materials once i get done with that i switch to the sceen :) .

@ schaefft : next post i will :) .

@ scooter : thx bro !

@ P A L A T : thank you so much brother :) ;) .

@ tiberius : thank you :) .

@ Distinctivechris : thx brother , and thx for pointing out that , but you're talking about the soft top not the hardtop i've posted a picture to see the one i did :) , i'll do the soft top too ;) .

@ Brian o'conner : nice to see you here mate ! and thx .

@ C-J : thank you bro !


here is some pictures of the front and rear wheel of the lp640 took directly from zmod except the 3 last one which are renders from 3ds max :) .

i'm still working on materials so renders will tak some while :) .

best regards
Salim Ljabli .


hello !

@ alexL : thanks brother !
@ C-J : thank you :) .

and here is wire for all those who like to see my work and how it's done :) !

that's all ! :p
i hope you'll like it and it will help too !

please feel free to leave your comments

Salim Ljabli
Damn bro your work is tight! Crazy amount of details and so fast too and done in ZModeler! \m/ :D I really love your undercarriage and all the inner-body details (like those fans in the rear) Keep it up man! :)